Southern Baptist Critics Suggest SBC Sexual Ethics Caused Spa Shooter Rampage

It didn’t take long for the critics of complementarianism to capitalize on the tragic death of 8 people by massage parlor shooter Robert Aaron Long.

Discovering that he had been baptized in a Southern Baptist church two years prior to going on his rampage, and without knowing how active he was in his church since, Rachael Denhollander, retweeted by the usual simping suspects like Kyle J. Howard and Dwight Mckissic suggested that there was a direct line from what SBC pastors and seminary heads teach about biblical sexuality and the decision for this deranged man to go put some bullets in some heads. Even Auntie Beth Moore gave the status a hearty ‘Amen!’ to that accursed logic.

She, very crassly, writes:

Of course, when we consider the millions upon millions of men who have been part of the SBC over the last 180 years, compared to the amount of deranged sex-addled idiots who have gone on killing rampages because they were trying to eliminate places of temptation for their sex addictions, on account of the specific teachings of the SBC, it’s pretty clear this is little more than the most unkind way to twist a knife in the teachings of the church and make them bleed a little.

It’s illogical, opportunistic, and has no basis in reality. For those making the charge, however, that’s probably the point.

Bonus despicable comment.

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4 thoughts on “Southern Baptist Critics Suggest SBC Sexual Ethics Caused Spa Shooter Rampage

  1. I was just listening to a church history lesson today on when Nero blamed the Christians for the city of Rome burning. Seems like that sort of thing is alive and well in today’s society.

    If the Tiber rises too high, or the Nile too low, the remedy is always feeding Christians to the lions >Tertullian

    Let us not be surprised when Christians (whether actual or in name only) are blamed for all of the world’s problems.

    A shame indeed, but this is nothing new under the sun.

  2. I actually kind of agree with Rachael about complementarianism which is failed attempt on the part of Piper and Grudem to bridge the gap between what the Bible teaches and feminism.

    Also, since “Asian massage parlor” is the nice way of saying “illegal brothel” I would think the fact that this guy is paying for sex would indicate that whatever advice he was getting (perhaps from the church) wasn’t working. However, if his church’s teachings and “purity culture” were really at the root of this you’d hear about shooting their girlfriends, mistresses, or computers more often.

    This guy obviously has some deep issues. If past shootings are any indication, there’s a good chance he was on SSRIs.

  3. The brood of vipers are riled up and fighting. It seems there has been some pushback against the woke mob in the rank and file SBC (thank goodness! But not any of our leaders). The SBC is not capitulating fast enough, most denominations are gone already, and the snakes are tired of it. “Die already!” they shout stomping on Baptists.

    Remember to always turn it around on these people, play offense. How about this: “The way you teach gender roles matters. The way you parody Christianity and the Baptist church matters. The way you indirectly blame evangelicals for abuse, lust, assault , and temptation matters. It can be a matter of life and death as we’ve seen in leftist violence towards Christianity. This is happening in your schools, your counseling sessions, your books, your discussions, and your social media. It’s the way you treat, criticize, defame, and refuse to hear Christian voices. We have been pleading with you and begging you to see and hear what you are really communicating and the very real dangers it poses to evangelicals and any who seek to follow the true and living God as revealed in scripture. The way it enables and minimizes abuse and even encourages violence towards Christians to unhinged people who take your positions to extreme conclusions. But you turn a deaf ear and further malign the church of Jesus Christ and those who seek to live its orthodoxy. Your words and actions matter, the messages you send and imply and the culture it creates. Real people pay the price for your hate“

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