Megachurch Pastor Says Government’s Being Run by a Bunch of P******

Pastor Keith Craft of Elevate Life Church, a non-denominational megachurch in Texas has come under fire for some spicy words he said about governing leaders during a recent message to his congregation.

Kraft is known as a rough and tumble persona who oversees the ‘Cathedral of Frsico.’ Frequently billed as a motivational speaker, he often namedrops celebrities he’s shared the stage with and has an insatiable, relentless focus on raising and acquiring money within the church. The insistence that his congregants “fully participate” in the life of the church by “generously supporting” them being a theme has is beaten into the brains of any sheep who has the misfortune of stepping into his fold.

Because he’s also a historically bad preacher, he frequently bears the brunt of Chris Rosebroughs’s verbal and exegetical lashings.

In this case, Craft speaking on February 26th Warriors Night. (Where they also raised another 100K, he is proud to say) During the message, he took aims at the governments suggesting to double up on wearing masks, as well as the manipulation and fear-mongering they are involved in.

We are the sons of God in the earth and guess what? We’re not afraid. We’re not afraid. HEY LISTEN! Let me go on record and say it. I had COVID. If I had died, I died of COVID. I’m not afraid of it. I’m not afraid of a heart attack. I’m not afraid when it’s my time to go.

We can’t cower. We can’t play. We can’t play small. We can’t hide. We gotta live. We’re the sons of God in the earth. That’s who you are. And our country’s being run by a bunch of P******!

That’s the only way I can say it. So record that and send that!

Done and done.

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