Jordan Peterson Chokes Up and Sheds Tears While Talking About Jesus Christ and the Idea of Following Him

A stunning video has been released that seems to demonstrate that the work of the Holy Spirit is beginning to absolutely wreck the worldview of famed author and academic Jordan Peterson.

Peterson, who calls himself a “pragmatic Christian,” claims to follow the teachings of Jesus as best he understands them and holds that the First Century rabbi’s moral philosophy forms a superior and worthy ethos to live a virtuous life. Peterson, however, denies the inspiration of Scripture, the deity of Christ, and the resurrection (in other words, he’s no more a Christian than was Martin Luther King, Jr).

In truth, Peterson is the thought leader of our age. A promoter of logic, reason, and general sanity, he has gutted the anti-intellectual emotionalism of the political left and has done so through a secularist worldview.

Jordan Peterson has gleaned more understanding about God and his created order from natural revelation than leftist Christians have gleaned about God and his created order from special revelation. Probably more so than any man has ever articulated it, Peterson has taken natural revelation as far as it can be taken, and now seems to be grasping for more.

Now, during one of his podcasts, timestamped and lasting for about 4 minutes, he talks about this clash between two worldviews – at one point his chin quivering and tearing up in what is a powerful emotional struggle to reconcile these two worldviews and realities.

To some degree, the conscience can be viewed as the voice of reciprocal society within, and that’s a perfectly reasonable biological explanation. But the thing is, is the deeper you go into biology the more it shades into something that appears to be religious, because you start analyzing the fundamental structure of the psyche itself, and it becomes something with a power that transcends your ability to resist it.

[Speaking about people who tend to say that Jesus is just another mythical Christ figure like Mithras or Horus:]

The difference between those mythological gods and Christ [is that there is] a historical representation of his existence as well… and so what you have in the figure of Christ is an actual person who actually lived, plus a myth, and in some sense, Christ is the union of those two things.

The problem is, I probably believe that, but I don’t know…I’m amazed at my own belief and I don’t understand it. Like because I’ve seen – sometimes, the objective world and the narrative world touch. You know, that’s union synchronicity. And I’ve seen that many times in my own life. And so in some sense, I believe it’s undeniable we have a narrative sense of the world. For me that’s been the world of morality, that’s the world that tells us how to act. It’s real. Like we treat it like it’s real. It’s not the objective world. But the narrative and the objective world touch and the ultimate example of that in principle is supposed to be Christ.

But I don’t know what to – that seems to me oddly plausible. But I still don’t know what to make of it. It’s too – partly because it’s too terrifying a reality to fully believe, I don’t even know what would happen to you if you fully believed it.

If you fully believed in Christ, the biblical revelation of who he is and what he demands – all of it – you would be born again.

Pray for Jordan Peterson.

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8 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson Chokes Up and Sheds Tears While Talking About Jesus Christ and the Idea of Following Him

  1. I pray the the Lord shall open his heart. I have watched Peterson over the years and he is a logical man.. Once the brain realizes that the soul needs heart surgery, then comes salvation, giving way to God to upend the ego.. Let us pray for JP.. What a force he could be for spreading the Gospel..

  2. This man has been 85% there for years. I wonder if his serious health crisis impacted him, or if his great intellect is simply leading him to utter truth?

  3. Cried watching him struggle. Praise Jesus, it’s a powerful thing to fall into the hands of a loving God.

  4. Funny how those of us who have “been there and done that” recognize the Lord’s hand at work. Many of us can look back in our lives and see the Lord drawing us at various times and ways, and yet we didn’t fully understand it at the time.

    I hope it’s just a matter of time for Jordan Peterson, and that the Lord draws him irrevocably and soon to be a very effective evangelist for the gospel.

  5. Peterson, like many other humanists, has long tried to “rationalize” the Christian faith fruitlessly. Perhaps one day he will decide to accept the simple message of the gospel, rather than lose himself in endless philosophical and psychological dialogues. Peterson has some interesting ideas, but he also fuels the dangerous belief that someone can become Christian for himself through reason.

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