‘Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden’ Feel ‘Used and Betrayed’ after Dems Pass Pro-Choice Legislation

Update. It’s Dead . They’ve shut down

In one of the finest examples of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” known to man, the progressive group Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden are upset and crying foul that the Biden-Haris Presidency has kept to their campaign promises and passed legislation that is anything but pro-life.

Formed 5 months ago, these so-called “evangelicals leaders” worked to get Biden and Harris elected, all on the basis of somehow believing that the Democrats’ overall agenda was more “biblically balanced” than the Republicans’ was. The group was spearheaded by Richard Mouw, President Emeritus of Fuller Seminary and TGC contributor, along with Ron Sider, President Emeritus of Evangelicals for Social Action.

Now, in an open letter sent to the administration, the group expresses how “disappointed” and “upset” they are that Biden’s $1.9 trillion bailout excludes provisions for the Hyde Amendment, a longstanding bipartisan policy that prevents taxpayer-funded abortion.

These snivelers describe how they supported Biden with the understanding that he’d more or less preserve the current state of pro-life legislation and have “open dialogue” with them about abortion issues and keep pro-life restrictions in place. But he didn’t, and now they’re crying foul.

Saying they feel “used and betrayed” over it, they describe how “many Evangelical and Catholics took risks to support Biden publicly” and because they vouched for him, Biden and the Dems need to “honor their courage” by not supporting pro-choice legislation.

Naturally, the Democrats ignored this irrelevant group and did exactly what they were promising to do the whole time, playing this group for the fools they are for the whole world to see.

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9 thoughts on “‘Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden’ Feel ‘Used and Betrayed’ after Dems Pass Pro-Choice Legislation

  1. Surely people can’t be this stupid in 2020/21. Well, yes, it’s called willful stupidity. Or pretending to care about the unborn when they don’t, so then act outraged to cover their….

  2. I doubt they’re nearly as surprised as they pretend. They’ll support the re-election of commie kammie in four years, just watch.

    You hate to fall into conspiracy theories, but it may be that Pro Life Dems for biden was a sham from the start, a single issue sham operation created to undercut Trump support among evangelicals, created by dems to take evangelicals left and get them to vote against Trump. They’re leftists, they know what a democrat is and they support it. They’ll occasionally release some bogus ‘we’re so surprised’ statement to assure those who bought into the sham that they did not make a mistake, they should keep voting dem. ‘Dems are really caring about us and listening to us, we’ll get this worked out. You just keep voting for socialism and don’t worry about this.’ Psy-ops. Every democrat will vote for every baby killing bill every time, no exceptions. If you don’t know that you’re too dumb to get a vote. But thanks to many of our so called shepherds, (men who will give an account-Heb 13:17) that’s where the pew sitting masses are.

  3. There are no “pro-Biden” evangelicals.

    There are no “pro-Biden” Christians.

    Christians do not follow the state, the government, demonocracy, liberalism, protectionism, socialism, communism, Marxism, “wokeness,” or any other “ism,” though we do favor political and economic systems and policies, such as free enterprise and rule of law, that are compatible with Scripture.

    Christians, by definition, follow Christ, Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

    We cannot at the same time follow confusion, lies, and death.

    Every Demoncrat must repent. Every single one. I pray that they will.

  4. My, my! Learned Seminary men suddenly invisible post November! Enjoy the well deserved high profile title: USEFUL. IDIOTS! (courtesy Lenin /Marxist perfect utopia troopers)

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