Here are the Handwritten Marriage Vows of ‘Servus Christi’

Servetus Diablos, aka Joshua Chavez, has yet to admit he married a woman and sent her away. Here’s more evidence.

Joshua Chavez has had an important impact in my life. Chiefly, his incessant criticism of Christianity’s most faithful and most discerning ministers – in the name of discernment – has given me a cold, hard look at how others might view my own work as a leading Christian polemicist over the last ten years.


Oh, sure. I criticize bad doctrine, bad actors, false teachers, and false prophets. It’s the work of polemics and must be done by somebody. But as Chavez, who goes by the name Servus Christi (servant of Christ), and who I not-so-affectionately call Servetus Diablos, has amassed his YouTube following by regularly attacking the best that Christianity has to offer rather than the worst, I’ve tried to explicitly point out the differences between us.

Sure, who we go after is different. We’ve done our best to mark those who cause divisions by teaching wrongly (Romans 16:17), while Chavez is himself the one doing the dividing. While I have consistently pointed to others (Washer, MacArthur, Peters, Johnson, et al.) who are consistently pointing people to Christ, on account of them pointing better than me, Chavez has been on the warpath against Gospel preachers. The boys over at Pulpit & Pen and Protestia are content to be on the warpath against heretics and scalawags.

And how we go after them is different than Diablos’ modus operandi. Even when disagreeing with Gospel preachers like Dr. MacArthur (which we have done regarding his view of Romans 13, his initial church closure, and his invitation of Duncan-Dever-Mohler to ShepCon), we have done so respectfully. I’ve also disagreed with James White, and most recently, Voddie Baucham (who I continued to embrace as a fine brother despite my disagreement with him). In other words, we carefully make distinctions between good brothers who we believe to be in error and rank heretics who are designated long ago for destruction (Jude 1:4). But if you listen to Diablos, apparently I don’t criticize my friends [insert eye roll here].

And most importantly, why we go after them is different from Diablos. Most importantly, we love Christ’s church. I am, more than anything else, a churchman. Discernment is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, given to build up the local church (Ephesians 4:12-16), to bring unity to the church (1 Corinthians 12:25-26), and to edify the church (1 Corinthians 14:1-40). The enterprise of Christian polemics should be done with constant practice (Hebrews 5:14) for the church, and not against it.


Every podcast I do, and even at the Bulldogmatic Bible Studies on Tuesday evenings, I admonish the listener to be active, participatory, giving members of the local New Testament church. I explain each week that if one expects to inject discernment into their congregation, there must be no doubt as to one’s commitment and love for the local body so that, if for no other reason, the criticism may be received well.

In my 39 years, I have been in church weekly without exception. To my knowledge, I’ve never missed a Sunday of worship for anything but providential hindrance, and that can be counted on less than one hand. At no time have I been without membership and participation in local churches, numbering nine congregations in six different communities I’ve sojourned over my life. In not a single one did I leave hastily, poorly, or under discipline. And the love of my life – save the bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh – is the Fellowship Baptist Church of Sidney where I have remained the minister for going on 14 years.

Simply put, anything that I have done or written in the course of polemics has been designed to strengthen and establish local congregations. I regularly encourage people to remain in their churches until the obligations of Matthew 18 have been fulfilled. I’ve encouraged them to drive great distances if necessary to worship in a Biblical congregation. And I’ve encouraged people to use discernment as a blessing, rather than as a curse, to their fellow Christians.

If you compare this to the lifestyle of Servetus Diablos, it should tell you everything a discerning Christian needs to know about his motivations. He is not now, and has never been, peacefully engaged with a local congregation. No ministers vouch for his character or testimony. Any church with whom he has been involved has cast him off as of the devil.

There’s a reason for that. He is of the devil.


In August of 2020, Pulpit & Pen posted an article replete with information from the perspective of his wife. It was entitled, The Terminus of Servus Christi.

Oh, did you not know he had a wife? Indeed, he does. But you would not have found that out from Diablos. We broke the story of his marriage and his subsequent wife abuse. That’s because Diablos tried to hide it from his fans.

In the days – and months – that followed, Servetus Diablos went silent. Like a cockroach scurrying for the shadows when the light is shined, he ran for the cover of darkness where he makes videos in his mother’s house. Only after all this time – seven months later – did Diablos attempt a retort at our reporting.

His video, posted last week, was textbook Red Herring. Instead of addressing the facts that:

(1) He indeed married a woman from South Africa and consummated that marriage,

(2) She indeed did go back to South Africa, and is begging him to reconcile from afar,

(3) He is not interested in reconciling with his wife,

(4) Jacob Prasch knew of this marriage, blessed and condoned it, and then did nothing to encourage their Biblical reunification,

Diablos is instead using his bandwith to attack me personally or anyone who has ever shared a stage with me, known me, or at some point spoken at one of my conferences or church.

Please note: In his most recent video, Servetus Diablos did not admit to having married this woman, sending her away, ghosting her, gaslighting her, or trying to cover it up.

This behavior, of course, is not in keeping with Christian repentance. From time to time, I myself have found the necessity to repent – as any Christian does. Thankfully, my repentance was immediate, contrite, explicit, and exhaustive (and to God be the glory alone). But Diablos, on the other hand, has even yet to admit error. I can only presume this is because he doesn’t have a Savior to plead for forgiveness.


As laid out in the above-mentioned article, we were approached by Servetus Diablos’ wife, who is in exile in South Africa. We know that he was married secretly (we have the wedding photo, and published it). We know that the marriage was consummated. And we know, for sure, that his wife is pleading from across the ocean for him to bring her back and reconcile.

Other facts might be left to interpretation, as they are the perspective of his wife. She feels as though what Diablos did amounts to human trafficking. She believes that he married her only so she could supplement his income to allow him to continue to make YouTube videos, and sent her home because her earning potential is not what he at first believed. And she believes his behavior immediately following the consummation was demonic.

But what we do know for sure is enough to disqualify Diablos from ministry, as the pastoral epistles requires having your household in order (1 Timothy 3:4). Having to point this out to Diablos’ YouTube coven seemed at first unnecessary, considering that anyone outside the church ought to be automatically disqualified from ministering to it. But then again, Diablos’ followers don’t seem to be particularly informed biblically, exceptions notwithstanding.


I’m used to being attacked, as it goes with the territory of polemics. But Diablos’ video was particulalry chuckle-worthy to me personally, as well as anyone who personally knows me.

The Braxton Caner canard was predictable, as scoundrels ranging from Ergun Caner to Clayton Jennings and now Servetus Diablos and Jacob Prasch are happy to dig up a young man’s corpse as a human shield against their own scumbaggery. Thankfully, time has absolved me of any such blame – as unwise and sinful as my interaction was – and even the Survivor Blog women (who have zero reason to defend me) and his family (exempting his dad) have absolved me of blame in his suicide.

The good thing about skeletons that are already out of the closet is that you’ve then nothing to hide. I mean, beat me with my own repentance if you want. All I can do is shrug and cite Romans 8:1.

And then there were random and unsubstantiated accusations that, to be honest, I haven’t a frame of reference for. Literally, no clue what the unnamed person is speaking of. The exception is their complaint that I engaged in “partnering with heretics,” of which they refer to Enemies Within the Church documentary and the Stand Against Marxism Conference.

Their concern is that a Romanist was slated to speak at the conference as well. I would like to think their concerns were abated when I anathematized Romanists in my opening statement at the conference and repeatedly admonished the Romanist to become Protestant (see here). The entire point of my lecture, in fact, was that we do not and should not want to partner with heretics to stop Marxism. However, some people have an insatiable appetite for unnecessary criticism.

And then there were the statements from a disgruntled random person who complained that my wife set up a camping tent all by herself and I make her operate the grill when we have a cookout.

I plead guilty. My wife is much better at cooking.

But here’s the thing…I know where my wife is (she’s in the kitchen cleaning right now). I also know where my wife is not, which is in South Africa pleading to be reconciled to her husband.

In the month that followed our expose, Diablos attempted to threaten me with a cease-and-desist letter from his attorney. I gave it to my attorneys, and have since ignored their huffing and puffing. They are bullies, and dumb ones at that.

I’ll happily go to court, with the power of subpoena, to lay his “ministry” bare like a gutted Montana mule deer.


In recent days, Servetus Diablos has hinted that his wife may do self-harm. No doubt, she is emotionally broken. Who wouldn’t be after being treated so terribly by her husband?

However, the recent threats by Servetus Diablos and his Lord and Savior, Jacob Prasch, should not go without response.

For the record, in our initial conversations with Diablos’ dear wife, we had her contact a loving older Christian sister – unaffiliated with Pulpit & Pen – as wise counsel. We felt it imperative that she receive some Titus-2-type counsel and to speak confidentially about her struggles.

Meanwhile, we also offered to pay for whatever kind of professional therapy she may need to avail herself of struggles related to Diablos, an offer that remains until this day. And finally, we also offered whatever financial resources she may need to get on her feet.

I am also aware of at least two other discernment ministers who took the same path with Diablos’ wife, offering her spiritual counsel from godly women and professional counseling if necessary.

Diablos full-well knows that his wife has been brought to the pit of dispair by his actions (not ours). Every time he does a video denying her existence or ignoring her needs, he is intentionally gaslighting her.

There is little doubt in my mind that Servetus Diablos would personally send her over the edge, if he were able, only to blame his accusers for her untimely demise. Nonetheless, we have prioritized the woman’s spiritual health and well-being above any and all other concerns.

Unlike Servetus Diablos, we love his wife in the Lord.


Notice that Servetus Diablos stated, “You are mine and I am yours, till [sic] death do us part.”

You know, until like a few weeks later, after which she went back to Africa and began to plead for reconciliation at which point he flatly denied ever having been married.


Diablos, although refusing to address it in his videos, has left comments throughout social media claiming the woman is “insane.” His followers (some of whom I’m convinced are actually Chavez in disguise, who often makes pseudonymous accounts to pose as women) have also alleged that she is “crazy.”

Cool story, bro. Aren’t we all?

I’m not a clinical psychologist, but my estimation of Diablos’ wife is that she is indeed “all there” and is bright, lucid, and mentally together (albeit distraught by her husband’s actions).

Nonetheless, ’til death do we part is kind of an impediment to pulling the parachute chord on a marriage. The Bible does not recognize illness as a justifiable reason to abandon your spouse. Clearly, Diablos’ household is not in order and I’m not speaking about his mom’s house.


At the heart of all of this is Jacob Prasch, the schismatic anti-discernment minister who has developed a cult following around the world (which is slowly dying due to faking his supposed Jewish ancestry). Prasch knew of the wedding and called in on WhatsApp during the ceremony. And Prasch, more than anyone else, covered up the marriage and subsequent divorce.

Meanwhile, Prasch is busy scurrying around social media attacking his and Diablos’ critics.


The Diablos-Prasch guild can attack me all day long. Go for it. My track record of ministry in the local church and thousands of sermons are public record. Find whatever kind of micro-aggressed nitpicking complaint you want and use it to attack my character. Thankfully, I have a Biblical church that practices Matthew 18 and has a congregation polity that can evaluate such claims and make determinations accordingly, outside the scope of pastoral leadership.

My character and reputation has already been maligned by far, far better people than Servetus Diablos and Jacob Prasch. I have sacrificed my reputation on the altar of Jesus Christ. It’s already dead…gone…goodbye.

I have survived many attempts to destroy my life, my ministry, and my viability as a servant in God’s kingdom. By God’s mercy, my ministry abounds in fruitfulness and faithfulness (to God’s glory alone). I’m simply not afraid of Servetus Diablos.

No matter what they may say, and no matter how they may attack, it doesn’t change the fact that Servetus Diablos has broken the most fundamental qualification for ministry by marrying and divorcing his wife (and in especially secretive ways).

The Jesus I preach, the one with nail-scarred hands and dusty feet from Galilee, forgives sinners and forgives them completely. But, there is no forgiveness without repentance, and there is no repentance without confession.

As of this date – March 8, 2021 – Servetus Diablos has yet to admit he was married behind the backs of his followers, and divorced his wife in the same manner. Might God grant him repentance.

For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light (Luke 8:17).


No doubt, my friends, Servetus Diablos has appealed to you because you recognize problems in the evangelical church. I agree with you, there are problems. If you have followed my ministry, you know my perspective on this. It is my opinion that we live in the days of Spurgeon, and his Downgrade is all around us.

Heretics abound. Scoundrels persist. Liberals are everywhere. Doctrine is being watered down. Holiness has been forgotten. Enemies have invaded the church.

However, while this is now true of our age, it always has been true although, perhaps, to varying degrees. The church of Jesus Christ largely is in disrepair, and the great truths of God are being masked by kingdom-building prosperity hustlers and rank heretics.

But, we must never forget that God has his remnant (Romans 11:5, Revelation 12:17). The Son of Man will indeed find faith on the Earth when he returns (Luke 18:8). He has promised to dwell among the church (Matthew 28:20) and that hell’s gates won’t prevail against it (Matthew 16:18).

While true churches may be hard to find, they are not impossible to find. And while I make no claims regarding the vast sum of Earth, they’re not difficult to find in America.

Sure, you’ll want to avoid most megachurches. And you’ll want to avoid anything with the sanctuary painted black to better accent the smoke machines. And sure, you’ll want to avoid those churches that closed down (unrepentantly) for the chestcold or those that use Lifeway curriculum. But just because 99 churches out of 100 are Synagogues of Satan (which is probably an exagerration), and 100 out of 100 churches have problems because they’re comprised of sinners (as every church is), there are Biblical, God-honoring local congregations somewhere most likely within driving distance of your home.

Those who have been hurt by churches may be twice-shy. It’s understandable. Those who have lived long enough in fraudulent religion might certainly be timid to join another.

But with God as my witness, the proper response to theological downgrade is not abandoning the organized, visible local church because Jesus designed an organized, visible church. Find one. Join it. Love it. Support it. And there, use Biblical discernment to protect it, guide it, and keep it.

I hate wolves, and Servetus Diablos is one of them. But I love you, and should you ever desire to seek a Biblical church, email me at to inquire how I can help you find a church to call home.


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13 thoughts on “Here are the Handwritten Marriage Vows of ‘Servus Christi’

  1. Very well written article, especially the part to HIS FOLLOWERS. I did not know any of this until you broke the story concerning it. Over the years I have watched this mans videos. With each passing video it became for me burdensome to watch because, well, of all the things you have mentioned, but for me the one thing I noticed about “SC” was that he never smiled and always had a smirk. Anyway, I knew something was not right long before the story broke and I had stopped watching his videos (because of the repetition) and not gleaning anything of value, as which is something I gain here and from your videos and writings. Such a sorted affair this and I pray that the man will wake up and repent and make right the wrongs committed. I appreciate your efforts to keep things in perspective and that is exactly what you have done. This article and story in general is needed to be made public. Thank you!.

  2. One hypocrite attacking another hypocrite is just adding more hypocrisy to both hypoctrites. Suffice it to say, ANYONE who is NOT willing to look at the plank in his own eyes is NOT qualified to try to remove the speck from the eyes of others. (Mt. 7;1-5). Finding a godly man like King David, who, when confronted on his sins by Nathan the Prophet, IMMEDIATELY felt remorse and asked God for forgiveness is as rare as finding one needle in many haystacks in the church today. David didn’t attack Nathan and say, “Well you’re a sinner too, you know”, or mock him and call him all sorts of names, nor did he try to discredit Nathan to avoid looking at his own sins. That’s because David wanted to please GOD, (godly sorrow) not gain honor for himself (worldly sorrow). That kind of love for God is almost completely absent in today’s professed Christian teachers. So instead, they play verbal volleyball like rebellious 8 yr. olds while NONE of them will receive the forgiveness from God since they’re not honest or humble enough to to even confess their sins, much less repent. It’s those people who are not only an insult to Jesus Christ, they make finding a true church run by true born again Christians equally difficult if not impossible. JD Hall’s sins are as bad as Joshua Chavez’s but I don’t expect either one of them to have the honesty, humility and enough reverence and love for God to repent.

    1. My sins are as bad as Chavez’s? I have no need to defend sins, God forbid. But the difference is, my sins are immediately confessed and repented of and surrendered to a Biblical church for full introspection, accountability, and – if necessary – discipline. Furthermore, I have yet to human traffic a woman to be my sugar mama, only to consummate the marriage and then send her back **while** hiding that marriage and subsequent divorce from my followers.

      So to claim “JD Hall’s sins are as bad as Joshua Chavez’s,” your moral compass – as well as your basic cognitive functioning – seems broken.

      1. I just showed that your sins are not immediately confessed. I’m not even sure you’re aware of just how many sins you commit, Jordan. I just exposed some of them. I also think you should read John MacArthur’s testimony (the link below) to see that it resembles the Pharisee who went to the synagogue with the tax collector and just bragged about himself. It’s totally UNLIKE what the tax collector did. MacArthur said he always believed and “NEVER rebelled against the gospel. But rebelling against the gospel is what sin is! So contrary to describing himself as totally depraved, (which he preaches), he described himself as sinless! When did he walk in darkness? Jesus also tells us to deny ourselves and that we must give up everything we have. (Lk. 9:23, 14:22). So what has MacArthur ever denied himself? Anything? What has he given up for Christ? Anything? He also couldn’t pinpoint when he was “converted.” Converted from what? Having NEVER rebelled against the gospel and having always believed? Nothing but contradictions and confusion. The rest of his testimony was just more bragging about being a football star and what a wonderful life he’s had. It’s an insult to the true testimonies of those who KNOW how sinful they were and how dark their lives were before they truly got saved. MacArthur has definitely received his rewards in full on earth because a wonderful life is its own reward. Jn 12:25.

      2. You are just as bad as he is, You call people all kinds of names, you mock and behave in un Christ like manners. You are the same.

  3. Never trust a site that has a 666 logo on the main page and beyond. I emailed him about it a couple years ago and got ignored. The Chi-Rho symbol fits inside the hexagon.

  4. On a personal note, JD Hall told me on his FB page that I was engaging in idolatry if I believed Romans 13:1-2! His blatant disrespect for God’s words hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew that he was callous and only interested in making a name for himself but blatantly claiming that God is encouraging idolatry in Rom. 13:1-2 just confirmed his total lack of understanding and love for God.

    As for Hall’s bragging about attending church every week, that’s what 99% of the pew sitters have been doing for centuries with no understanding or concern about whether their church is teaching the Bible. In fact, that’s how millions of them remain in ‘churches’ that support homosexuality and over a billion of them remain Catholics! “Going to church” is NOT how to get to heaven.

    I wonder if Hall has ever pondered what the saints did before the Reformation when the Catholics claimed to be the ONLY true church. Were those saints who had to meet in secret to avoid being killed by the Catholics “outside the church?” Were they not born again if they refused to support Catholicism and couldn’t meet long enough to even establish a church structure or hierarchy? The Catholics sure thought so. How about the Christians in communist or Muslim or Hindu countries today who face the same obstacles? I doubt if Hall or even Justin Peters knows.

    But today’s ‘churches’ are even worse. Not only are the Catholics still going full force, homosexuality is spreading through the whole batch of dough along with the prosperity gospel, idolatry and ecumenism as the wolves in the pulpits are abandoning sound doctrine equally as fast. (2 Tim. 4:3-4). So even finding a Bible-believing church today is a challenge at best and impossible at worst!

    So criticizing Joshua Chavez for not going to a mainline denomination shows MASSIVE IGNORANCE about what it means to be a Christian as well as what the Bible says about the last days (2 Tim. 4:3-4, 2 Tim. 3:1-5, Mt. 24;9-13, Mt. 24:24)..ESPECIALLY when Hall says that men like John MacArthur and Justin Peters are the BEST that Christianity has to offer today!

    Unfortunately, Hall is right there. Justin Peters, a man who preached the gospel for years without being born into the family of God yet rebuked Benny Hinn for not being born again either. To make matters worse, Justin claims to have been converted as recently as 2011 yet kept on teaching despite the warning in 1 Tim.3:6 that recent converts must not be allowed to teach..yet he also told Benny Hinn that STOPPING his preaching of the gospel would be the ONLY sign that he was truly converted, but Justin never did. So by Justin’s own words, Justin isn’t born again either (with which I concur) since he never stopped teaching even after he claims to have become a true convert. I saw this even before Joshua put it on his video.

    Then we have John MacArthur who preaches the gospel as a means for financial gain and has the unmitigated gall to DEFEND his luxurious lifestyle and the millions of dollars he receives from people in his congregation while many of them remain poor. That’s not the equality that 2 Co. 8:14 tells the church to maintain, NOR is it how the apostles lived, NOR is it what Jesus teaches either. Mt. 6:24, Lk. 6:20, Lk. 6:24, Lk. 14:33. Doctrine is NOT the only factor in salvation because God judges the HEART. (Heb. 4:12). Even the Pharisees had their doctrine correct (Mt. 5:20) before Jesus brought the New Covenant but their hearts were hard and corrupt and THAT is what God judges. (Mt. 23).

    So JD Hall actually proves the horrendous state of the American church by admitting that those men are the BEST that Christianity has to offer today! Therefore, bragging about “going to church” and criticizing Joshua Chavez for not attending these corrupt denominations shows just how little Hall understands what it means to be a born again Christian.

    I by no means am defending Chavez. I found out first hand that he was not born again last year by his coldness, hypocrisy and false teachings. But that doesn’t mean that he isn’t right when he exposes other false teachers. It means that he’s a hypocrite exposing other hypocrites just like most men in the pulpit are doing. So these teachers give me NO reason to trust any of them.

  5. Thank you for your faithfulness in dealing with this issue and sticking with the issue. It is indeed terrible to hear of how Mrs Chavez has been treated. May there be repentance, reconciliation and may Chavez forever leave the public square. He has done much harm to the body and to Christ’s name.

    1. So has Jordan Hall. Hall doesn’t care that he claims that God is promoting idolatry in Rom. 13:1-2. So if Jordan doesn’t repent from that sin, it will end up hurting him, not me. As for Hall’s “kindness” to Joshua’s wife, Hall was VERY thankful to her that she gave him something against Joshua so he was more than happy to treat her with kindness because it served his own purposes. Hall actually made that point, that he and his cohorts were treating her better than Joshua did which was Hall’s own goal, to show Joshua up, not that he really even cared about her otherwise. True born again believers are not unaware of Satan’s schemes. But Joshua’s sins can never take away the sins of the men he has exposed. They will remain as long as Joshua’s sins remain if none of them repents. So again, there’s no reason to trust any of these men.

  6. Concerning Prasch’s supposedly Jewish identity; it wasn’t Roseborough or anybody else that convinced me that he was lying. It was Prasch himself that proved to me that he was lying. I went to igenea’s website and downloaded the templates for their DNA report and their pre-history report. The “DNA report” that Prasch held up was not a “DNA report” but a pre-history report. He blanked out the descriptions and lied about the Indo-European line claiming it was Khazar when the report itself predates the existence of Khazars! I was willing to give Prasch the benefit of the doubt before thinking there might have been some Jewish ancestry in his father’s paternal line and that maybe in history they converted to Catholicism. I know Prasch enough to know that if his report had said “Ashkenazi Jew” he would have shown those words to the camera and repeated them numerous times in Trumpian fashion. But it is not that he was mistaken about his own identity but that he knowingly, shamelessly and bold facedly lied to all his viewers about his pre-history report that proved to me that he lied about his Jewishness. He was not confused and mistaken but he lied, to the whole body of Messiah. It really doesn’t matter that he is not really Jewish. It does matter that he intentionally sought to deceive the body, thinking that his followers would be so gullible to believe him because they know they will take his claims at face value.

  7. It’s so sad that beautiful Godly young woman is wasting her life waiting for someone as evil, as vile, and as Satanic as Chavez to repent and to be her husband. Any of her friends that are telling her that she is married to that monstrosity and that she should wait for him to repent and come to her is honestly not much of a friend. He will never repent. He will never be a husband, because he will never be a man. What he did to her may not legally be rape, but it’s rape to me. He tricked her into a fake marriage so he could finally have sex with someone that wasn’t a man, and then kicked her to the curb when she wouldn’t provide for him so he could quit his career as Head Fry Cook at McDonald’s so he could devote even more time to attacking Justin Peters. I’m fairly sure that he attacks Justin because he sees him as the one person on the planet that he could beat up in a fight, but if I were a betting man I would put it all on Justin beating the living snot out of Chavez.

    There are me like myself that would jump at the chance to find a Godly woman. Here in the People’s Glorious Republic of Maryland the only Godly women are already married or are in their 70s or older. An unmarried Godly woman is as rare as finding a Powerball ticket on the sidewalk that’s the winner of a $500,000,000 jackpot.

    I do not believe for a second that the Lord God will hold her to blame for what the evil Chavez has done to her, and I do not believe that the Lord will look upon her as an adulterous woman if she finds a real man who will be a real husband to her. Our Lord is holy, righteous, just, and worthy of all glory, praise, blessings, love, and power and He is loving and kind.

    I get that some people may disagree with me and say that she should consider herself his wife, but I strongly disagree. I pray that she finds a real man, a Godly man, and that she gives him children and that they raise their children to love the Lord before He returns.

    Should you ever somehow see this, lovely lady, do not waste your life on a vile piece of filth like Chavez. He is lower than a worm and will never come to repentance; his heart is far too evil to hear the call of the God the Spirit.

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