Time Traveling Prophetess Says Media Will Acknowledge Trump’s Victory in Mere Months

Kat Kerr, who has put the fear of God in us anew after she claimed she had a cadre of 150 angels following her around that were ready to kill at a moment’s notice anyone foolish enough to try and do likewise, is back to her usually spunky and silly self.

Explaining that she’s traveled in time to the future with the help of the Lord, this “mainline, run-of-the-mill continuationist” says that every media organization’s knee will bow and every network anchor will confess that Donald Trump is President, all in a matter of mere weeks or months.

They will be forced- I’m talking about the news – will be forced to say these words: ‘Trump has legally won the election and he is the President of the United States for four more years.’

I was taken forward in time, I saw what happened…It may take a couple weeks. It could take a couple months. But the whole time, God is working out that plan until He can get everyone where He needs them

Even the news and the networks will…they [will] be forced to broadcast the crime and corruption that has been exposed will shock and stun people to see who they colluded with overseas to overthrow this government. Everyone’s gonna know who did it and what they did, and in the end, the only thing left that they can do is give the presidency to Donald Trump because he won on November 3, 2020.

Last week, Dr. Michael Brown wrote an op-ed for the Christian Post, explaining that in no way, shape, or form would someone like the firecracker that is Kat Kerr ever be considered a false prophet, despite what…a couple hundred false prophecies in the last decade? Including this one, which will certainly not come to pass?

We suspect that, as The Friendly Atheist pointed out (the source we used for this story – by the way, your transcript is wrong), Kerr will simply say that Satan disrupted the plan due to the other prophets apologizing and backing down, or Trump had a secret inauguration, or that Trump is spiritually ruling in heaven right now, somehow.


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6 thoughts on “Time Traveling Prophetess Says Media Will Acknowledge Trump’s Victory in Mere Months

  1. Does she even know how our election system works? While Trump may have won the election in a landslide when counting actual votes of eligible voters, the presidency is won by counting the votes of electors in the Electoral College. Most of them are not required to vote along with the majority vote of the people in their state. All of the cover-up, Capital riot, news propaganda, etc. was merely an excuse for the electors to vote according to the fraudulently tabulated numbers rather than determining the actual majority numbers in each state.

    It doesn’t matter if Trump won the vote of the citizens in a landslide. Biden is the legal president of the United States because the Electors voted for him. Even if all the fraud was admitted by everyone, Biden would still be president. Even if a landslide win for Trump was admitted by everyone, Biden would still be president because he won the electoral vote.

    The false prophecies were false prophecies and cannot be undone.

    1. So another words they’re all in on it? I’ve never seen a political party try so hard to outright steal an election, yet claim they didn’t. Reminds me of that scene toward the end of “the Wizard of Oz” where the curtain is pulled back to reveal the so-called wizard and the intrepid traveling crew are told by him to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.“

      Frankly, the Democrats did it before 1960 with the presidential election, Kennedy versus Nixon, and more recently, as far as we know, on the 2008 senatorial election in Minnesota where third-rate, former comedian, Al Franken, and his minions, discovered enough “uncounted votes“ to overcome former Minneapolis mayor, Republican Norm Coleman.

      It turned out to be important because Franken cast the deciding vote in for the Obamacare legislation. And of course, Republicans weren’t prepared and let them get away with it. Therefore, I kind of knew what was coming last fall as the Democrats’ hubris knows no bounds.

  2. I always found it amazing that the Democrats were crying, “Trump is going to steal the election!” For months we heard that. And then Biden wins and people accused him of stealing the election and then the Demon-crats all in unison scoffed, “You can’t steal an election. It’s impossible. The NY Times says you can’t.” Hypocrites.

    1. They were saying Trump stole the 2016 election with Russian help for the last 4 years. Suddenly that kind of talk is called sedition.

      Anyway, yes she is a false prophet and Michael Brown needs to stop bending over backwards to explain this crap.

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