Breaking! RZIM Canada Shutting Down Ministry

RZIM Canada has announced they are shutting down operations in the country and shuttering their doors, a result of the devastating revelation that their ministry namesake, the late apologist Ravi Zacharias, was a serial sexual predator.

In a statement released on their website, the board informs that the “current environment” makes it impossible for RZIM Canada to fulfill their mission and mandate for apologetics-based evangelism, revealing that “in the spirit of integrity” they’ve been refusing donations for the last month while they worked out whether or not they could even exist or get through this.

They made the decision that they could not.

They write:

A Statement from the Board of RZIM Canada

The final report from Miller & Martin PLLC on the late Ravi Zacharias has been released by the Board of RZIM US, to whom he was accountable. The findings of his sexual misconduct fill us with desolation and grief.

We grieve for all the victims. No words are adequate or even appropriate, yet we must somehow find words. Their stories must be heard and heeded. We pray for healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

RZIM Canada has always been a wholly independent and self-sustaining charitable organization. We view our donors’ support as a sacred trust given “as unto the Lord.” In the spirit of integrity, we committed last month not to accept donations while seeking God’s direction for this ministry.

We recognize the ongoing need for an apologetics-based approach to evangelism. Regrettably, we are of the conviction that it is not possible for RZIM Canada to fulfill this mandate within the current environment. Therefore, it is with heaviness of heart and after much prayerful consideration that we are compelled to begin winding down the operations of RZIM Canada.

Our hearts go out to the countless people around the world who responded to Ravi’s apologetic ministry and who are now at risk of rejecting the message on account of the messenger. We take hope that Truth prevails even in a fallen world.

We ask that you continue to join us in fervent prayer.

The Board of RZIM Canada

Last week the UK branch of RZIM, The Zacharias Trust, announced they were cutting ties with RZIM and were changing their name following the abuse scandal, with the board explaining.

“In governance terms the UK entity has always been a separate charity with independent trustees, but in the current circumstances we believe that we must now operate without any link to RZIM US,” they explained. “The UK entity will also choose a new name. This process will take time to complete but the UK Board is convinced that this is the best and only way to ensure that the ministry can continue to serve the UK church with integrity. This will also give us the opportunity to review the lessons to be learned from these awful events.” 

RZIM has branches remaining in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Africa, the United Kingdom, Spain, Romania, Turkey, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Austria, Germany, Macedonia, and Switzerland.

7 thoughts on “Breaking! RZIM Canada Shutting Down Ministry

  1. So what happens to all the money they’ve raised? Do the contributors get it back like they should? Of course not.

  2. I can’t stand the melodramatic tone some of these “apologies” are taking. I find it really hard to believe that NO ONE knew what Ravi was doing. He’s the head of an organization and has people handling the bills. How does an operation like this go on for years and not one person raise the red flag? I think that’s what I find most annoying about these apologies. Underlying them all is a claim to complete ignorance of the whole thing. I’m sorry, but people talk. I feel like someone knew what was going on and they were either silenced or nothing was followed up on. And to have these “heartfelt” apologies continually gushing forth is really off-putting to me. They almost reek of desperation. It’s like they’re apologizing TOO much. Deflecting maybe?

    One last thing…I’m also tired of hearing this trope of “if your faith has been destroyed because of this” yada, yada, yada. I’m sorry, but if your faith has been destroyed because of this situation or any other so-called leader in the Church, then your faith was not in Christ, but in man. Yes, it can be disappointing, but Ravi was not from whom your faith should have come. It is Christ and Him alone. Read your Bible. Trust in Christ and rest in Him.

    1. “…I’m also tired of hearing this trope of “if your faith has been destroyed because of this” yada, yada, yada. I’m sorry, but if your faith has been destroyed because of this situation or any other so-called leader in the Church, then your faith was not in Christ, but in man…”
      I could not agree more.

    2. i agree with you hundred & one percent. No matter who you are in an organization of sort ACCOUNTABILITY is the word.

  3. “…I’m also tired of hearing this trope of “if your faith has been destroyed because of this” yada, yada, yada. I’m sorry, but if your faith has been destroyed because of this situation or any other so-called leader in the Church, then your faith was not in Christ, but in man…”
    I could not agree more.

  4. jesus met an woman with 5 husbands at an well but only jesus knew he told none neither did she. solomon had 3000 wives beautiful queens who sought the royal life at their own discretion replace those queens with the american queens with an lawyer around its lovely to hit a club n go away with king solomons goldmines n his palace get him to jail n stay single for ever or date another handsome man. y did none of the women at well or jesus or king solomons wives never complain. christians in america the protestant believers r always complaining god directs one on one counselling n dignity but american retards double penetrate into pvt matters of intimacy n cause women to become mentally disturbed n worse still cause extra malicious gossip n lawyers to woe both n media to aggravate like monica clinton hillary troubling them. thats not how jesus handled situation. women can be so cunning too after all if there is pay involved its legal tender to govt sponsored prodtitution. u would never let king david or solomon live too bcz research shows large majority of usa has bedded minimum 8 partners by the time they marry. pastors n congregation too hv dicks n pussies. jesus said u judge bcz u do the very same fucking things but want to make an show of robes of righteousness but inside ur wallet is n pack of condoms. usa full of bitterness grudge gold diggers n christians that accuse at fault too. dignity honour freedom in christ is maintained by secrecy not exposure if so the accusers both men n women should expose their accusing dicks n pussies too just like the fury of the tounge if you cannot bridle ur tounge in public i am sure the accusers are worser abt sanctity of their dicks n pussies n ass in their secret pvt life. in old testment says time comes one man ll hv seven wives n work for him n provide too. so beware now bcz u hv crossed limits of condemnation n now restore israel as lazarus n exekiel skeletons. rzim should not shut down bcz brothels dont or discos or bars or adult entertainment or lgbt movements. what was done is just another form of agreed solomon intimacy kept closely guarded for pay n its govt legal tender just another form of lgbt expression of intimacy n happy ending better than church sad ending. rzim should know the germans are open minded n wiser broader in intimacy n acceptance but not like usa scoundrels n malicious indian gossip mongers so make n list of accusers n give them to lgbt to humble them with flag whips saying gods temple is not an den for cindemnation but restoration for all that hv sinned against god in words or deeds. if u hv sinned one point u guilty of all. so let mercy n grace flow unlimited to all sexual sinners but the whip to tounge teasers. put an snake into their mouths until they say we hv wounded n traveller n acted not with gods consent either. church is not american its christ n grace mercy love brings sacrificial restoration to vilest sinners even to seven falls. its not an men n women problem its an revealer of secrets problem n gossip that betrays confidence. jesus was not that._jesus is not romanism but love from his sacrificial heart be an esther n mordecai not n roman soldier. let not any sinnere be ashamed bcz jesus was n friend of all sinners. crush the heads of scribes pharisees n saducees not lazaruses or rahabs but judas n the roomanist bribe takers ie police n lawyers dont be judas to kill ur own bro n sis. restore or get nailed by lgbt rock bottoms. love covers all offences.

  5. the problem is lack of understanding an adulterous wipes her lips takes bath n says i never knew it n the adulterer gets crushed n blamed. nobody in an brothel complains anywhere today the lawyers n police laws n false accusers trap their victims both men n women too outside of an brothel consented paid relationship or unpaid get trapped for n womans or mans or both benefit. light sinners punished most biggest gets punished least or escapes or is an false accuser with an false witness. god who prepared hell forgives in earth but man the police lawyer judge all sinners condemn another one with prison unjustly for no proof out of simplicity kidness n trust unawares of hidden motives. but the same practiced in brothel is no prob. its only an assertion of judement foolishly passed for being in am pvt space upon consent just like joseph or potiphars wife the trap evidence is displayed but not the sexual footage so lies are believed easily. for church to hand over sinful saints to romanism is not_approved by jesus bcz judas died himself. so if u give the body to the lion u should be given to the chinese dragon if u reject grace n mercy to others but god has provided an way its prophetic sniping by three prophetic witnesses known as prophetic sniper n gift of holy spirit n if they lie they fall dead like annanias n sapphira before the congregation. thats the power of an apostolic holy ghost church. god is judge n lawgiver his son never entertains romanism bcz hes an victim n he wants all sinners to fall to repentance before his feet but before the great day of the lord he will reveal himself to testify by his spirit n put them in trial n quick to judge by his spirit the ones like annanis n sapphira dropping dead for unrepentance. gods grace is favour n love mercy is release n life. so malachi chapter speaks abt christ appearing. bring god n grace mercy holiness in church. not denial n shame but acceptance n mercy n release n favour. jesus paid the price for all and we are all his if we are under the covenant of grace and mercy. words can kill n harm both sides but jesus said woe unto ye lawyers n so let jesus be ur words of verdict n judgement not anyone else in church restoring sinners esther n mordecai way. how would hv the jews esther mirdecai remain had not n bold step of grace by prayer be showered n fall into another spear n sword ordeal . christ felt pain. restoration ten fold is must n duty m care of church but if head corrupted the tails must restore n where is god the holy spirit y hve u choiced to remain simple n bewitched. god shows all things. revealer of secrets.

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