‘Abortion Clinic to the Stars’ Shuts Down Permanently

A Beverly Hills-based abortuary known as the “abortion clinic to the stars” has gone dark and shut down operations, according to a report from Operation Save America (OSA).

“Pro-choice Medical Center” was known as the “abortion clinic to the stars” due to its proximity to Hollywood, its expensive fees, (twice the national average) catering to the upper classes of society, and its services of offering private abortion appointments to “Hollywood celebrities and socialites, who did not want to be seen in an abortion facility waiting room.”

OSA write on their website:

“According to a business record obtained by Operation Rescue, the Sinai Women’s Center, which also went by the name Pro-Choice Medical Center, had its last day of business on December 31, 2020.  The office was vacated over the weekend of January 30-31, 2021, according to a City official.

The abortion business, which was owned and operated by abortionist Josepha Seletz, was one of eight abortion facilities to openly conduct risky, multi-day abortions into the third trimester of pregnancy.

Seletz is one of the few abortionists to do late-term abortions in the country. She previously worked at the now-shuttered Eve Surgical Center, a Los Angeles-based abortion clinic that invented and “perfected” partial-birth abortions.

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said in a statement:

“Although there was rarely a pro-life presence at this dangerous late-term abortion facility,  we continued to monitor it to document the fact that women were being injured and hospitalized with serious abortion-related complications. I thank God this notorious abortion business is closed.  No more babies will die, and no more women will suffer traumatic injuries there.  That is a victory worth celebrating!”

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