SBC Prez Decries Abortion in Recent Sermon Yet Supports Blocking Abolitionist Bill

Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) President and Summit Church Pastor J. D. Greer preached a sermon last week on the evils of abortion and how wonderful and precious a baby in the womb is. He posted a snippet on Twitter, showing how passionate he is about the issue, saying that the central question is whether or not the preborn baby is a person.

In fact, in his sermon, Greear repeatedly stresses that the fetus in the womb is a child – no different than a 1-year-old or 2-year old. He says during his sermon transcript that there are two premises he upholds and advances:

  • Premise #1: The willful taking of innocent human lives is immoral. 
  • Premise #2: The preborn is an innocent human life. 

He ultimately concludes: “I want you to see that scientifically and scripturally there is no question about how Jesus feels about these little children.  “Let them come to me,” he says. “Their lives are precious and valuable.”

There is a third premise, however, that J. D. Greear does not agree with.

  • Premise #3: Those who willfully take an innocent human life should be punished.

Despite Greear earnestly saying that babies in the womb are the same as babies outside the womb, he doesn’t really believe that. The willful taking of innocent human life may be “immoral” but he does not believe it is “criminal.”

In fact, he believes it so strongly, he would rather have untold thousands of children murdered in the womb than punish a single person for killing their baby.

In 2019, Abortion Abolitionists sought to pass the Abolish Abortion in Texas Act, or HB 896. Right now around 55,000 babies are being killed each year in Texas, with abortion being completely legal.

Unlike other pro-life bills that regulated abortion, this bill sought to put an end to it completely and defy the Supreme Court if they tried to tell them otherwise, with that particular language being put into the bill.

Much like the recent betrayal by pro-life politicians in Oklahoma, the bill did not get out of hearing because a pro-life, professing Christian, Republican politician named Jeff Leach killed the bill, with support from other pro-life politicians.

Leach is a member of Former SBC President Jack Graham’s Prestonwood Baptist Church. Upon hearing that Leach was in the process of killing the bill and getting blowback, Jack Graham came to his defense, saying that he supported Leach in his desire to quash the legislation.

This is because the bill was demanding equal protection under the law for babies in the womb, making it a felony to kill an innocent unborn child.

The creators of the bill reasoned that if it’s considered a homicide for a mother to drown her two-year-old daughter in the bathtub, it should be considered likewise for a mother to kill it with a hypertonic saline solution.

If it’s considered a homicide for a mother to cut her baby’s throat and drop it in a trash can, it should be a crime to pay an abortionist $300 to cut up the whole baby and drop it in a dumpster.

That is what it means by equal protection under the law.

J. D. Greear does not agree.

He does not believe women should be punished in any way, shape, or form for killing their children, or men for helping procure that killing, tweeting out in defense of Graham.

Greear can spare us the virtue signaling with his fake pro-life creds. He says he wants to “protect the unborn AND care for those in crisis” and somehow believes he can accomplish that task without stopping their murder altogether.

Since he tweeted it out, nearly another 100,000 babies were killed in Texas. What kind of lame, toothless, inconsequential “protection” is that? How are you protecting them, JD? How does killing the bill actually protect them?

“The preborn are people. They’re the same as children outside the womb. We ought to view them as such. They are precious in God’s sight.”

What a liar.

What an awful sermon.


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3 thoughts on “SBC Prez Decries Abortion in Recent Sermon Yet Supports Blocking Abolitionist Bill

  1. The catholic bishops recently issued a letter saying that they had grave concerns about Biden’s pro abortion policies. The cry went up from conservative Catholics asking where were the bishops BEFORE the election decrying the evils of abortion? The answer of course is nowhere. Not a peep before the election In support of pro life candidates. Greear has done nothing more than taken a page from the Bishops’ playbook. Not a peep BEFORE the election; in fact liberal clergy were all about how we couldn’t be single issue voters, and it was perfectly moral to vote democrat, and Trump was the most immoral choice ever, blah blah, blah.

    It really sucks to have to be this cynical about a preacher, but these are the times we live in. Don’t fall for it. He’s a wolf! If they cared about abortion they would have openly supported the most pro life president ever, or at least not given smiling support to voting for the most pro death president ever; the one who told us before the election that he would renew giving US tax money to Mexico to pay for abortions, and would tie US foreign aid to availability of abortions in third world countries. A lot of hypocritical nerve these shysters have for telling us the evil of abortion AFTER they voted for more abortions and told their flocks it was fine to do that too.

    The only reason to preach on it AFTER the election is to hoodwink the conservatives in his church into not leaving and continuing to give money, same as the catholic bishops. “What a fine, solid preacher we have! I should tithe to this church!” Barf. He doesn’t care about abortion. I believe he’s also the one who said the Baptist church of the future would be gay affirming? Run away from his church, he’s not just a liberal, he’s a scammer. We’ve got to clean these people out of the SBC. I think there’s a Progressive Baptist association; they need to stop lying to everyone, leave and go join it.

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