Hillary Clinton: We Need to Protect Abortion ‘For Our Grandkids’

(Lifesite News) The phrase “for the children” often is used to evoke sympathy for a cause.

And for good reason. Inherent in the statement is the recognition that children are valuable and society has a duty to nurture and protect them.

But in January, Democrat leader Hillary Clinton used the phrase in the most heinous way, asserting that politicians need to “continue the fight” to protect abortion “for our grandkids.”

The WIBC Mock ‘n’ Rob Show in Indiana exposed Clinton’s comments Tuesday, noting how she even used religious language to advocate for abortions for her future great-grandchildren.

“Interesting Fact: It’s nearly impossible to live up to your ‘God-given potential’ when a doctor…

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Editor’s Note. This article was written by Micaiah Bilger and published at Lifenews.

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