Half of Pastors ‘Frequently’ Hear Members Spread Conspiracy Theories, Poll Shows

(Christian Headlines) Half of American pastors say they often hear members of their church repeating conspiracy theories about news events, with white pastors more likely than black pastors to say they’ve heard conspiracies relayed, according to a new LifeWay Research survey

The poll of 1,007 Protestant pastors found that 49 percent of Protestant pastors say they “frequently hear” members of their congregation “repeating conspiracy theories” about “why something is happening in the country.” Forty-seven percent of pastors say they have not heard members repeat conspiracies.

White pastors (50 percent) are more likely than black pastors (36 percent) to say they’ve heard members repeat conspiracy theories. 

The survey was released Tuesday.

“Christian churches resolve to be places focused…

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Editor’s Note. This article was written by Michael Foust and published at Christian Headlines.

2 thoughts on “Half of Pastors ‘Frequently’ Hear Members Spread Conspiracy Theories, Poll Shows

  1. If wonder if those pastors define “conspiracy theory” as loosely and conveniently as William Thornton (SBCvoices) does. To him and his ilk, if you question the officially-approved narrative promoted by the likes of CNN and all the other anti-Christ entities who’re running the show (or think they are running the show), then you’re a “tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist” who is beneath contempt and needs to be banished from his awesome presence. That’s always his go-to fallacy for having to endure someone with a different view of something than his omnipotent self.

    I really can’t imagine taking the word of people who hate God.

  2. What is a ” conspiracy theory ” anyway ? Is it not any theory or idea that opposes the main stream media propaganda and satanic mind control ???? I think so………………..

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