Sorry, Not Sorry: Why the NAR Prophets’ Apologies for Getting Things Wrong Don’t Cut it

(HollyPivec) Apologies from the many “prophets” of the New Apostolic Reformation who falsely prophesied President Trump’s reelection are pouring in, including apologies from Kris Vallotton, Shawn Bolz, and Jeremiah Johnson.

They say their failed prophecies don’t make them false prophets.They maintain that they’re still genuine prophets of God, and they stress that they’ve prophesied accurately in the past. Yet they admit that, this time, they missed it big time.

Many of their followers have responded to their apologies with praise for their humility and their willingness to admit they were mistaken. Indeed, many have said that the apologies actually serve to strengthen their credibility and provide more reason to trust the “prophets.” (Other followers are doubling down and insisting that the “prophets” were right and that, despite all evidence to the contrary, Trump will see a second term in office because God will vindicate the prophets and reverse the present circumstances.)

In short, many of their followers have accepted the apologies of the “prophets” and have indicated that they still see them as legitimate prophets. The “prophets” did apologize, after all. Wasn’t that big of them? Shouldn’t we give them credit for owning up to their mistakes?

Here are some reasons why their apologies aren’t enough…

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3 thoughts on “Sorry, Not Sorry: Why the NAR Prophets’ Apologies for Getting Things Wrong Don’t Cut it

    1. One false prophecy makes you a FALSE PROPHET & we shouldn`t make excuses for them or have anything to do with them,I don`t believe in prophets for today but so many makes false prophecies & go on like it never happened & their audience,especially on TV give them a pass because a term I heard many yrs. ago they are ignorant bretheren & they continue to give them tons of money,now they are FOOLISH “bretheren” So saying sorry is not ENOUGH & it is not a Biblical response.Call these ministries about this & you RARELY get a response & that means they dance around it & say it was taken out of context,but if you leave a message about donating a nice amount your phone will ring off the hook.It really comes down to ONE thing,did these people LIE or did God lie? And we know God cannot LIE !!!!

  1. No fan of those charlatan prophets at all, but the fact is, if Trump didn’t win, in fact, then why did the Democrats work so hard to make it look like he did. I mean, what were there, over 100 people who signed affidavits that election fraud occurred Plus what was caught on video and all the other shenanigans, none of which the Republicans engaged in to make it look like they were throwing the election. Why didn’t the Republicans know this and take steps to prevent it? It’s not so much about this election but the fact that Trump will be the last Republican president, probably ever, and I could tell that even if he was serving a second term. Don’t be surprised about the two Senate elections in Georgia as well as the Democrats are ruthless in their quest for power.

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