Clayton Jennings Responds To Pulpit & Pen in New Spoken Word Album

Clayton Jennings has responded to his critics in song form, releasing a new spoken word album Unred Letters where he addresses “bloggers” who have been pointing out his malfeasance for years, with particular emphasis on Pulpit & Pen’s (our former name) 2019 post titled Clayton Jennings Arrested for Assault and Threat to Do Violence Against Woman, which has been posted in full at the end of the article.

We have been covering Jennings’ spiritual and sexual abuse of his followers for years, and a good summary of the facts can be found here. We recommend that you read that post to get up to speed, and then continue on with this one.

However, it was our recent news article that Jennings is specifically responding to, where we report that the police were dispatched to help a woman who was afraid that Jennings would do violence to her and a minor child, resulting in him being arrested at the scene after an investigation.

From his song Arabelle, which is the name of his daughter, Jennings describes his deep love and affection he has for his young child who recently turned three, and seeks to explain why he is being attacked:

Guess the Devil hates you when you’ve already reached millions,” and details his struggles with being suicidal “How many canceled suicides before I have to kill myself,” as a result of being bipolar.

The bulk of the song, however, delves into the incident that we covered here at Pulpit & Pen, which was one of the very few news sources that bothered reporting on it.

At the time we specifically did NOT name the victims, due to the nature of the abuse, but Jennings confirmed in the song that it was his wife and daughter who were victims as the result of his rage and him destroying his house in a scary and violent outburst.

We’ve bolded a few lines where he makes references to us, as Jennings has but naturally lumped his critics together, saying the internet trolls were making up fables and speculating that he hit his sister or mistress and that they were calling him the n-bomb. While we can’t speak for what others did, we did none of those things, even if the impression is designed to think we did.

Please note that we edited out stanzas of the song that don’t address this incident directly and are noted with “…” We encourage listeners to listen to the song in full.

I got a secret if you promise not to tell
A year later, I ended up in a cell
I should have been Baker Acted with the way that I acted
Punched the mirror, trashed the room, flipped the mattress
Body in one place, mind in fighter mode on the other side of the atlas
Caught a case, which was fitting ’cause I’m a basket
Like the one filled with dirty laundry that got trashed with
My reflection when I picked up Momma’s mirror and smashed it
Saw the high road and went past it
Covid hadn’t hit yet, so I couldn’t mask it

Out came the fangs
And I had a whole lot of names that I could have blamed
But the first name was my brain
You saw me in my fury, you saw me in the flames
Doctors called me to cure me, more pharmaceutical games
Uppers and downers, more pills for the pain
Nothing over-the-counter made me feel okay
Your mom took me to have doctors test my DNA
A test to show which meds would mesh and which to keep away
Problem is my results didn’t say
First time they’d seen a test come back that way

How do you medicate a mind that doesn’t allow it?
“Effexor, yes sir”
“But what are the effects sir?”
“I’m not sure”
“It’s the only option on the roster, and even it doesn’t say yes”
“So we can start you at 150 milligrams and see what’s next”

One year later, and I was a wreck
Poly pharmaceutical close to cardiac arrest
Passing out randomly holding my chest
Waking up to you and Grandma rubbing my head
Those weren’t panic attacks, I should have been dead

Mixing medications, no patience for this patient
I learned you’re on the menu if you’re not at the table
Tried to kill me in the valley, but internet trolls weren’t able
“I read this, and I heard that,” man, stop with the fables

I’m the best poet alive but never had a label, just labels
Klonopin for this Clydesdale, put my brain in a stable
My case got dropped, never committed a crime
But at the same time, nothing was fine
Except the picture of my mugshot at the time
ADD, Johnny Cash, gotta get back on the line

Too hard to walk it sometimes
Locked up outlaw in the pen
But could out-maul any of them with a pen

Pulpit & Pen reference? Only times he doubles up on the last word like that)

I’m not talking THC or CBD, I mean poetry
Awkward when people noticed me
Went from speaking to inmates to being one
From respected to lied, slandered, neglected
But all I did was break my own stuff, how did I get arrested?
“Sir, you shouldn’t have,” that’s what the judge said
But to be honest with you? No grudge for the blue

I watched you fade from the back of that cop car
I presented the threat of violence due to lack of compliance
I never hurt anyone or even said that I would
But stalkers took it and twisted it just like I knew that they would
‘Wife beater,’ ‘Mistress hitter,’ “I heard that he worships Hitler”
“I heard that he hit his sister”
“I heard he’s just an N-Word”

Their words turned me inward
Lies, lies, lies, just the Devil in disguise

Feels like I know the coroner by name, have I already died?
Keep the temperature at 36 to 39 tonight
The average mortuary’s Fahrenheit
And what can I do, sit here and blame medicine?
Cymbalta, Effexor, Gabas, Xanax, and Addys?
Clayton, it’s time for a refill, it’ll help you feel happy
Five of the ten medications I was off and on and off and on
Losing my mind, I was halfway gone
All the while getting lied about and trashed on
Leeches to names like mine to get cash off
Every blog site can get Johnny Cashed off

Folsom Prison, I brought it back in Spring of 2019
Two middle fingers to the twisted system of greed
Where fallen people become food for the vultures to feed

I never hit your mom, obviously
I shrug off the lies, irrelevant elephants don’t bother me
Jim Jones types, only nobody’s following
They do tricks for treats like it’s Halloween
Hate me but love me, so they never unfollow me
They hate the fact that I’m irreversibly irreverent

Not a pastor, priest, or reverend
Not my parent pastor or a friend
I’m me, and you’ll never be me as hard as you try to be
I’m talking to the trolls, Arabelle, BRB
Ah, nevermind, let’s let the dead RIP

As expected, he plays the victim in most of the songs, passes the blame, makes up stuff, says he was unfairly maligned by slanderers for years, and claims he never should have been arrested in the first place, as “all I did was break my own stuff.” Jennings doesn’t seem to realize that it’s a crime to break things if the items are jointly owned, like a TV, furniture, or a vehicle and his wife didn’t want them broken.

But the fact that he is still hitting back so hard against his critics, calling them Jim Jones cultists and trolls that no one follows, shows the man is still unrepentant, making him a spiritual danger, and in some cases physical, to everyone around him.

Clayton Jennings Arrested for Assault and Threat to Do Violence Against Woman

Clayton Jennings, the serial spiritual abuser and seeming sex addict who continues to maintain a ‘ministry’ following and fanbase after being denounced by his mentor and having his ministry license revoked for unrepentance, has been arrested for assault and a threat to do violence. The alleged victim was a woman.

Jennings launched a tirade against Pulpit & Pen earlier this year, with far-fetched allegations that led to death threats against this publication that had to be evaluated by federal and local law enforcement, both by Jennings and his fans, who were largely unaware of his long history of abuse toward women and ministry followers.

However, Jennings’ pattern of behavior toward women seems to have caught up to him this summer, which went unnoticed by the press and unreported by Jennings to his fans, upon whom he relies to buy his products from his online store, which are plastered with the phrase, “Jesus Jesus Jesus.”

According to police reports, an officer was dispatched to help a woman who was afraid that Jennings would do violence to her and a minor child.

After an investigation, police arrested Jennings at the scene.

The police had the woman sign a “domestic rights and remedies packet” and she explained that Jennings had become enraged when she expressed that he was a concern for their child’s safety.

The police report says that the woman was “crying and very shaken up.”

When in the presence of Jennings, the report says that the woman was, “cleary scared and in fear of [Jennings].”

Because of the nature of abuse, Pulpit & Pen is not releasing further details or the name of the alleged victim(s).

According to court documents, it appears that the alleged victim who called the police in fear and had Jennings arrested under the evidence provided to the municipal police would not testify against him by the time of the court deposition.

The evidence from the arrest record seemed abundantly clear, but women who are abused often do not have the support systems in place to follow through on prosecution of their perpetrators.

If you find yourself in an abusive situation, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-787-3224.

In the meantime, if you would like to sign up for Jennings’ life-coaching you can sign up hereBail-bonding not included.


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