Big Eva Silent or Supportive as Biden Names Transvestite as Assistant Health Secretary

(Evangelical Dark Web) Mean tweets are the reason we were supposed to support a Biden Regency, according to Big Eva. Because after all, it cannot truly be said that any of the sins that plague Trump are absent in Biden (adultery, shady business practices, lying). But Joe Biden does not send mean tweets at six in the morning, so Russell Moore, John Piper, Tim Keller, JD Greear, and many others in the guild worked diligently to undermine Trump’s reelection despite knowing full well what a Joe Biden regency would entail.

Without being inaugurated, the amount of total depravity we are seeing from the incoming regency is truly remarkable. In addition to touting future pro-abortion policies, Rachel Levine is to be named assistant secretary of health. Levine is a transvestite serving as the Secretary of Health in Pennsylvania. He is most known for demanding reporters conform to his preferred pronouns and removing his mother from nursing homes right before sending a nursing home pandemic there.

Thabiti Abnyabwile of The Gospel Coalition voices…

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Editor’s Note. This article was originally published at the Evangelical Dark Web


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4 thoughts on “Big Eva Silent or Supportive as Biden Names Transvestite as Assistant Health Secretary

  1. Aaaannnndd there you go, the reason for the coming storm. Jesus gave the American church everything they could ever want or need – money, prestige, cultural endorsement, an abundance of Bibles in dozens of translations, Bibles on hand held devices, radio programs, television shows, really every form of mass communication invented – and the American church did almost nothing with it. We filled it with schlock in many cases. Instead of growing the church, we shrank it. Instead of more people understanding the gospel message, fewer people do. Instead of righteousness, we see this promoted to governing authority. Instead of vociferous, united condemnation, we were told by our “leaders” that we needed to “have a conversation “ about lgbt, other sex sins, abortion, and Christian orthodoxy. We don’t have a right to force our beliefs on anyone, we were told. Christ’s enemies will not hesitate to force their beliefs on us.

    I think like the Israelites in the wilderness we failed the test. First it was mainline Protestants, then Catholics, now finally evangelicals, all decided biblical ethics were not really what we wanted for our land. They, and the people who hold to them, are treated as an embarrassment to the modern church. I’m afraid we’re going to get what we wanted. Our best actions were the missionaries we sent overseas. Otherwise we probably deserve what’s coming. Looking back, we had everything and did next to nothing for the kingdom with it. I don’t see Jesus having any real reason to bless or even save the American church. What have we done for him lately?

    Sorry such a downer, but we are going to have to acknowledge the role our evangelical clergy and leadership played in this result. And by extension, the rest of us. When judgement comes I don’t think we’ll be able to lay this totally at the feet of some Episcopalians and gay priests.

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