Cadbury’s New Ad Features Homosexuals Eating Chocolate Creme Egg ‘Lady & The Tramp Style’

A new TV commercial released in the UK for the Cadbury Creme Egg’s 50th anniversary that features two men kissing and eating a chocolate egg, the creamy middle dripping down between them as the voiceover exclaims, “We’re down with that,” has biblically faithful Christians shuddering in disgust when it and LGBTQQIP2SAA advocates cheering with gladness and joy at being “represented.”

Paying homage to the “How do you eat yours?” message, the ad showcases all the different ways people will eat the chocolate treaters, such as “lickers” and “dippers” and then features the couple as the “sharers.” They hold hands and dance under the lights on a rooftop deck, and then suggestively eat the egg, the gooey entrails dribbling down their chins.

One of the men featured, Callum Sterling, states that he is overwhelmed by the response and glad to do his part.

It would have been a very small bit of hope in a sea of confusion. You can’t just say this one advert is going to change someone’s life when the world still feels so heterosexual and white, but I think it would have been a little bit of hope, and normalized it slightly for someone who might feel they’re wrong for finding someone of the same sex attractive.  Seeing this would have made the confusion I went through a lot easier at the time.

These ads are playing during primetime television to children everywhere, further desensitizing the culture to how wicked and vile this sin is.

Click here if you must see. Content warning, of course.

2 thoughts on “Cadbury’s New Ad Features Homosexuals Eating Chocolate Creme Egg ‘Lady & The Tramp Style’

  1. Is it safe to say that the push to desensitize the culture, and especially children, to homosexuality as well as the push for transgenderism, is if that were possible, is part of the global elite’s desire for dramatically reduced population, along with their favorite sacrament, abortion, of course. I guess I should add to that euthanasia as well as I’m sure that will be a big push for that at a certain age like Rahm Emanuel has pushed for.

  2. This is exactly the plan they had back in the 90s called, “After the Ball” which detailed how the media would be used to desensitize everyone to homsexuality.

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