Pirate Christian Chris Rosebrough Has Covid-19. A Plea for a Prayer

Pastor Chris Rosebrough of Kongsvinger Luther Church in Oslo Minnesota, as well as the Captain of Pirate Christian Radio, host of the flagship Fighting for the Faith YouTube channel, and Curator Emeritus at the Museum of Idolatry announced on Twitter that he has been positively diagnosed with COVID-19, and is not feeling well.

Rosebrough is a beloved brother who we’ve partnered with on occasion and who has been toiling away for years doing discernment in a way that has been faithful, sound, and simply exemplary.

And though he is a pesky Lutheran and we’re not down with his baby dunkin’ ways, we recommend his ministry wholeheartedly.

Lift him up in prayer for a swift recovery, and go to his YouTube and subscribe to his channel while he’s waylaid for the edification of your soul.

Hopefully, he’ll be better in time for a new round of Prophecy Bingo!

2 thoughts on “Pirate Christian Chris Rosebrough Has Covid-19. A Plea for a Prayer

  1. Thank you for clarifying Roseborough’s church affiliation, as by the picture, I thought what one would naturally think with his wearing a clerical collar and my having grown up in the blasphemous Roman church. Do they really dunk their infants when them baptize them instead of sprinkling?

    By all means prayers lifted up for him. Does anyone know if he has any pre-existing medical conditions, which may make it more risky to have Covid?

  2. Lutherans often get called too “Catholic” for our other Protestant brothers and sisters, and too “Protestant” for Papists. We didn’t discard the traditions that are adiaphora, ( not mandated or condemned), such as vestments and traditional liturgy, because they’re often helpful, but all traditions must be normed to Holy Scripture, which is the only inerrant, infallible norm.
    We Confessional Lutherans, (i.e. holding to the Book of Concord, which is the body of Lutheran Confessions, BECAUSE the documents in it are all faithful exegeses of inerrant Holy Scripture), acknowledge adult and infant baptism, whether sprinkled or dunked, because the manner isn’t specified in Scripture, just that it’s the combination of the specified elements, water and the Word of God, specifically, the Name of the Triune God, (rightly understood by those speaking it), that creates faith in the one who God baptizes, and in so doing, saves the person.

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