Karen Swallow Prior: Christians Responsible for ‘Culture of Death’ by Not Wearing Masks, Are not Pro-Life

We’ve written for you before about Karen Swallow Prior, how we continually find ourselves vexed and mystified that she’s viewed so favorably and regarded as conservative within Christian circles, despite the plethora of problems with her. The list is extensive and has been enumerated at the end of this post.

Unsurprisingly, she has continued to show herself to be an enemy of the church, this time by saying that Christians are responsible for bringing the culture of death to the world by being resistant to wearing masks and for gathering for in-person church services against the wishes of the government, suggesting that those who do have failed to be “pro-life.”

She writes:

When questioned and asked to elaborate, Swallow says that the “church has failed to lead,” pointing to a series of Tweets by @rungirlPs91 which explains how.

In short, it wasn’t the mismanagement of the California government that led to its bed shortage, which has the 3rd-lowest ratio of hospital-bed-to-resident in the country, that is the problem, nor is it the tyrannical flex of the governor which targeted churches for closure and engendered mistrust and assumption of evil intent. Rather, it’s the Christians who are at fault!

Christians are responsible for “bringing the culture of death” because we did not campaign for mask-wearing, refused to engage in social distancing when it made being part of a church body impossible, did not engage in mitigating measures like not singing during worship, and did not close our churches down for going on 10 months now.

Consequently, the church has failed to be “pro-life” in this regard, and instead contributed to a pro-death ethos.

We would expect nothing less of the “Notorious KSP.”

Promised enumerations below:


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1 thought on “Karen Swallow Prior: Christians Responsible for ‘Culture of Death’ by Not Wearing Masks, Are not Pro-Life

  1. Wait a minute, hasn’t she heard that Dr. Fauci said last March that wearing masks don’t help. After all, he is a man of “science,” so why doesn’t she believe him?

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