In Light of the Capitol Hill Chaos: Be Wise and Wait

In light of the events on Capitol Hill, with the news media and Christian leaders barking out a cacophony of accusations against Trump and his supporters; mixing them into a cauldron of white supremacy and Christian nationalism while insisting they have blood on their hands, we have some advice: be wise and wait.

The fact is that this is an incredibly messy and fluid situation. The media has done and will do all they can to co-opt the narrative and frame it in the worst possible light, gaslighting you if you say differently.

Nothing in the last four years should lead you to believe they can be trusted to get this right in the first 48 hours, or even the first week.

Even now, videos and eyewitness testimony are emerging showing a different side to the story. Some say the building was breached by a fanatic mob, and there is video of people scaling walls and smashing doors and windows, but there is also a video of security letting people in through the front doors, welcoming and inviting them in.

There is video of a woman being shot and killed, bleeding out on the marble floor from a wound to her neck. There are men stealing “souvenirs” from the various rooms and smashing the furniture as the political representatives cower in fear for their lives, but there is also video of the security guards taking selfies and posing with the protesters, laughing and joking, even as large parts of the hill reported no violence of any kind.

There are men walking around with MAGA hats and pro-Trump flags, patriots peacefully protesting what they feel has been an unjust and rigged election, and there are alleged members of Antifa present in the building, committing acts of vandalism and instigating conflict with officers- claims which even now are being disputed by fact-checkers who deny that as a far-right conspiracy.

The news media is reporting that members of Q-anon “stormed the gates” and “breached the doors.” Did they do so in a wild manner, or did they simply walk through the door among those invited?

For the latter anti-fascists, though some street preaching groups are saying they engaged them at the event, at this time no one knows the extent of their involvement – if they were more or less incidental observers along for the ride, if this was a planned operation with the goal of spreading mayhem and discrediting Trump and his supporters, or if they were even there in the first place. An IED was found on-site and safely detonated. Was it placed by Trump supporters, or was it a false flag campaign?

Will we get truth or fake news? Will we get solid reporting or a predetermined story about home-brewed white nationalist terrorists which may or may not be true. Maybe disgruntled, fanatical Trump supporters did it. Or maybe they didn’t.

So wait.

Give it a couple of days. This is more than what most of our “Christian” “leaders” will do, which is all the more reason to wait.

Let the CNNs, Fox Newses, Newsmaxes, and MSNBCs of the world say their piece and develop their information. Pay special attention to alternative media and citizen reporters posting the videos, sharing the tweets, and publishing the live streams. You know it will likely contradict the narrative and the decisive condemnation of what the mainstream media is telling you, so wait for that.

Take it all in, get the big, balanced, messy picture, and then speak.

You’ll be better for it.

4 thoughts on “In Light of the Capitol Hill Chaos: Be Wise and Wait

  1. People love to jump to conclusions before the facts are known. Then they don’t care about the facts afterward.

  2. I was there today.
    The chaos in the capitol and the rally are almost two separate events.
    The capitol was breached by the rogues before the crowd had even fully gotten there. Once everyone had arrived outside the capitol building it was still totally peaceful. Suddenly, everyone got an emergency alert on their phones saying DC had a o’clock curfew. At that point people started dispersing. And the rally was over.

    I’ve been to DC many times over the years and been to the capitol many times. One does not simply waltz into the capitol when Congress is in session.
    There weren’t any barricades keeping the crowd out of the capitol. Why? How is it that these hooligans were able to enter the building when the national guard, DC and Capitol Police were all on hand?

    Praise God Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords. May he come soon and usher in an end to the madness of human rule!

  3. Here is a description from one of those citizen reporters at the scene, a Christian friend whose word can be trusted:

    “We’re safe. Antifa was behind the chaos and breach of the capitol building. They were everywhere, on their comm devices and as their chatter and activity picked up, we decided to get out of the area. 99.95% of people there were well behaved citizens who voiced their frustration of the election that was corrupt and stolen. We expressed our displeasure and frustration by showing up en masse. Unfortunately, groups like Antifa thrive on these situations. Again, from someone that was there on ground zero, most everyone acted in a very peaceful way. Unfortunately, bad people are going to do bad things and it blemishes the true reason most of us were in DC today.”

  4. It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that antifa would be involved in this and probably instigated it as they were probably just taking orders from their masters like they were all last spring and summer when they truly rioted and did much destruction in many American cities. Think Joe Biden will put a stop to it the next time an incident happens that involves people of different ethnicities, especially with a white cop and a black suspect who does not cooperate?

    Even Donald Trump didn’t act decisively enough last summer to make sure the rioting stopped, probably because he was afraid to be depicted as a dictator before the election, and look what he got for it. He “lost” anyway. The media knows the power it holds and since it is controlled by dedicated Marxists, that puts us in a horribly dangerous position.

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