Singer Justin Bieber Studying to be a Hillsong Minister, Apparently

Unnamed sources are coming out of the woodwork claiming that Justin Bieber is studying to become a minister with Hillsong Church, with Daily Mail, Ok Magazine, and others reporting that he plans to become ordained in 2021.

Given that there are no names attached to the piece, only “sources close to the singer” alleging that “Justin has never felt happier or healthier, and he says he owes it to the church. [He] believes he can take a leadership position in restoring order,” referring to Hillsong NYC and the aftermath of disgraced Pastor Carl Lentz’s adulterous joyride taken right through the heart of the congregation, the whole thing is a non-starter.

The fact this is so believable is the real story, however. We can see Hillsong giving him the keys to the kingdom. Bieber is active on social media making consistent professions of faith, inviting a variety of pastors on to give the gospel, and talking a lot about Jesus and his relationship with him. He is a member of Hillsong Choir and has led worship at pal Judah’s Smith Churchome, as well as has preached from the pulpit.

Bieber explains a more recent message he gave:

My whole message at church the other day was, there’s power in your weakness. So when you feel weak — there’s so many people in this world who are struggling — there’s just power in that weakness. So, when you fight through that season you usually get to the other side, and it gets better.

Sounds terrible.

Here’s another spine-shuddering theological poison pill.

Again. What the heck.

While Bieber is anything if not completely unqualified to preach or become a minister, he is consistent in his earnestness, with his understanding of biblical truth being underdeveloped, and is reminiscent of a newly converted 14-year-old trying to explain the Christian faith and gospel to his parents after just one weekend at bible camp.

It’s not great, and you don’t want to see him sharing that with anyone, but you have to admire his willingness to put himself out there. It may be happening with a lot of scrunched up faces and raised eyebrows, but the gist of the internal change is communicated. These sources continue:

[He] doesn’t plan to give up his music career, but he feels there’s a bigger calling out there for him. He wants to be a full-fledged minister next year.

Someone tell The Master’s Seminary to give this kid a scholarship already!

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5 thoughts on “Singer Justin Bieber Studying to be a Hillsong Minister, Apparently

  1. This makes perfect sense, considering Hillsong is an organization which masquerades as a legitimate church, but is actually a devious, evil propaganda outlet for Satan. Their two main missions are to make money and corrupt/mislead the body of Christ.

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