Bethel Worship Leader Holds Concerts in L.A’s Skid Row – Homeless Activists Barricade Them Out

Supporters of Sean Feucht march as homeless advocates and their supporters stage a protest against Christian musician Sean Feucht as he plans to hold a public event in Skid Row in spite of the rise of Covid-19 cases in the region, in Los Angeles on December 30, 2020. (Photo by RINGO CHIU / AFP) (Photo by RINGO CHIU/AFP via Getty Images)

Worship leader Sean Feucht, a Bethel Church School of Supernatural Ministry graduate who has been tearing up the cultural scene with a series of worship concerts all across America in the midst of the pandemic, frequently drawing tens of thousands of people to his outdoor concerts and making headlines in major newspapers and media, continued his tour New Year’s Eve, holding a series of concerts in the infamous Skid Row district of Los Angeles much to the chagrin and opposition of the locals concerned about a “super-spreader event.”

The event, where masks and social distancing were not followed, drew several thousand people. Between and as part of events, Feucht let his charismatic and pentecostal roots come to bloom. They visited the home of the heretic Aimee Semple McPherson and prayed for revival there. They went to Azuza street, where the charismatic movement was born, and planted a tree to bridge the generations.

They went about town performing “miraculous healings,” “doing the work of Jesus” and “casting out demons.”

They received a “prophecy/vision from the Lord” that would have won a game of Chris Rosebrough’s “prophecy bingo” for sure.

They also visited Skid Row, had a worship concert there, gave out hundreds of meals, and were assaulted with smoke bombs, pepper spray, and death threats.

Homeless activists set up a vehicle blockade near the intersection that stretched for several blocks in an attempt to stop what was planned. Though Feucht was expected to arrive there, he chose to go elsewhere, leaving several dozen supporters to clash with protesters.

It was “elsewhere” where he put on a series of concerts that were attended by thousands of people, directly flouting Los Angeles Lockdown restrictions that only seem to be allowed at Black Lives Matter protests.

Commenting on Feucht’s presence, Mayor Garcetti said:

I would encourage him, first of all, not to do it. If you care about human lives and what God has given us — this human life — don’t do it. We will enforce the public health rules. We will have the LAPD patrolling the city to stop large gatherings.

Though the coming was controversial, Feucht, said that nothing they could have done would have kept him away, and released a statement on social media, saying:

The world will tell you to not push in, not minister, not gather. But JESUS pushed in, He ministered, He gathered. Don’t be discouraged. FOLLOW JESUS!”


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2 thoughts on “Bethel Worship Leader Holds Concerts in L.A’s Skid Row – Homeless Activists Barricade Them Out

  1. I’m still trying to answer the question in my head as to why Sean Faucht took a government PPP Loan (for small businesses, mostly used to pay their employees) to pay himself over $20,000. I find nothing in the Scriptures that remotely matches taking government funds meant for struggling businesses to pay yourself to roam around the country, flouting Governors’ Edits to keep others safe and others doing the same. This truly grieves me, and just as much as the fact that he is associated with the apostate Bethel “Church” and their “Hogwarts” School of which he is a graduate (according to this piece). VERY loud “rock music” is not and never was any “music” that I can personally see giving ANY glory to the Lord Jesus Christ — and should not ALL that is done in His Name bring ALL glory to Him? My thoughts on this whole mess. I’ll also add that I have NEVER read in Scripture where Jesus “pushed in” where He was ever told to (as He wasn’t) nor was Jesus’ presence EVER being a danger to anyone else’s health. thus Faucht’s post is MOOT points.

  2. As a Brit, I apologise to all of you for ‘Claire’s’ ridiculous ‘prophecy’. Sadly we have lunatics over here too, people who actually believe the nonsense that comes from Bethel and elsewhere. If I ever find out who ‘Claire’ is, I shall beat her around the head with a Bible (a proper one, not The Off-Message or The Made-up P*ssOn You ‘version’).

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