New Mexico Gov. Fines Churches $10,000 for Christmas Eve Services: Calls Them ‘Pro-Virus, Illegal, and Selfish’

(The Liberty Loft) Charlotte, NC — Two New Mexico megachurches are each facing $10,000 in fines for having held large, unmasked Christmas Eve services in violation of the COVID-19 lockdown orders. This prompted Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham to imply that their pastors are “provirus.”

Pictures and videos of Legacy Church and Calvary Church’s services were posted on social media sites. They went viral according to local ABC affiliate KOAT. The images depicted hundreds of congregants gathered, mostly without masks.

On December 15, the governor instituted statewide restrictions that limited church gatherings in “red counties” to 25% capacity and required masks.

The New Mexico Public Health Department responded by levying a $10,000 fine against both churches — $5,000 for violating the capacity limit and $5,000 for violating the mask mandate. The churches are permitted to request a hearing to contest the fines.

Grisham condemned both churches and their pastors in an interview with NBC News. She said, “In violating both the state public health order and common sense, these two churches and their leaders endangered the lives, livelihoods, and health of not only their parishioners but their entire communities — and, [sic] given how quickly this virus can spread, potentially our state as a whole.”

“We all wish this pandemic were over, but it’s not, and no provirus pastor may deem it so. So many New Mexicans have sacrificed — and lost — so much in this pandemic,” Grisham continued. “These illegal and selfish gatherings will directly contribute to more suffering and illness in our state. These church leaders should reflect on the danger they’ve unleashed in their communities.”

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Editor’s note. This article was written by Seth M. Griffin and posted at The Liberty Loft.

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