Pastor Pledges To ‘Take Church Underground’ Afer Facing Fine 100k and Year in Jail For Remaining Open

A pastor in Canada facing massive charges and jail time for having church services of more than 10 people, a violation of the province’s regressive and tyrannical shutdown laws, is pledging that his congregation will find a way to gather for the Lord’s day, even if that means talking the church underground and practicing civil disobedience.

In a statement released today by the Elders at Harvest Bible Church in Windsor, Ontario, they explain that their Pastor Aaron Rock was informed by law enforcement officers that he’s been charged under the “Reopening Ontario Act” for having church last week. The exact fine will be assessed by the courts and ranges from $10,000- $100,000 and one year in prison.

Furthermore, the police told the congregation they would physically prevent them from attending their Christmas Eve church service, but it is not known at this time to what degree they were successful.

The statement explains:

“We believe that God will call provincial officials and the Premier to account for these irrational, illegal, and irresponsible acts, and for refusing to recognize the essential work of the church. To rescue the world from one viral threat, officials are willing to deny people gainful employment, deny people with mental illness and suicidal inclinations essential support, and deny the in-person proclamation of the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is an abhorrent offense to humanity and an affront to religious liberties. To add to this injustice, hardware stores and big box stores remain open so that people can buy their last-minute Christmas gifts, while the church is banned from collectively worshipping the greatest Christmas gift ever given: the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a national disgrace.

The church describes how they have repeatedly reached out to the health unit tasked with enforcing public health measures, but to this point they’ve been completely uncommunicative and have refused to respond.

Thus: they made their position known with utmost clarity:

Our elders have met, and we will issue an internal communication to our church family outlining some interim plans to help us get through the Christmas season before we head into the New Year. In the end, we will find ways to fulfil our Christian obligations even if we are forced underground or to practice further civil disobedience.

In the meantime we will continue to fight against injustice and fight for the God-given freedoms and responsibilities of the Christian church. The Church is, and shall remain, a free institution under the lordship of Jesus Christ and an essential service for all of humanity.

That’s a ‘Yea’ and an “Amen” if we’ve ever heard one.

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4 thoughts on “Pastor Pledges To ‘Take Church Underground’ Afer Facing Fine 100k and Year in Jail For Remaining Open

  1. What countries are we living in here, communist North Korea and China or the United States and Canada? Pretty soon, won’t be much difference.

    I wonder next year or two years from now at this time if people if it will finally dawn on people that this whole thing is being overplayed for political reasons to institute an even more oppressive government system, call it communism since that’s what it really will be, even if it’s a soft form of it. Totalitarianism is still that no matter at what level because the oppression only gets worse.

  2. ” And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” When are so called Christians of today going to realize that the modern church is a “harlot church”, yoked up with the “world” and full of leaven ! ???? It will not be until these harlot churches are destroyed that true Christians will come together “separate from the world and its government” being of one accord and one mind, and meeting as they did in times past, in houses, caves if necessary, and locations that only they knew about. The “synagogue” of satan is tightening its grip globally, and has more power now than it ever has, by way of its media, medical mafia, world Govt agencies, demonic hollywood movies, handsomely paid stooges like black lives matter, antifa, etc etc etc. It is not going to get better, it is going to get much much worse, so “watch” and make sure your lamps are trimmed and you have enough oil, for for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh. Mat25:1-13

  3. this church is a james macdonald vertical church, they’ve got more baggage to deal with than just being shut down by commie canadians.

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