Filmmaker Releases Never-Before-Seen Video of Bethel Church’s 2011 ‘Glory-Cloud Miracle.’ It’s Pretty Lame

A filmmaker has opened up the vaults and released never before seen footage of the glory clouds of gold dust and diamonds that manifested at Bethel Church at the turn of the decade. And by “manifested” we mean someone put some sparkly glitter in the HVAC unit and let ‘er rip.

In the video, lauded by the charismatics at Charisma, filmmaker Darren Wilson explains that:

In 2011, Bethel Church experienced its first manifestation of a ‘glory cloud.’ I originally obtained footage from Bethel to use in my film, Father of Lights, but never really found a place for it in the film.

Bill Johnson was also hesitant at the time to bring too much attention to it, fearing that people might chase more after the gift given than the giver of the gift. So I put it in the vault. But now, of course, we’re opening up that vault.

All things considered, this is the lamest manifestation of God’s presence that we’ve ever seen, and there is no reason to believe it is anything other than a parlor trick, and a bad one at that.

6 thoughts on “Filmmaker Releases Never-Before-Seen Video of Bethel Church’s 2011 ‘Glory-Cloud Miracle.’ It’s Pretty Lame

  1. I think I remember reading somewhere that an examination of some of these flecks showed them to be plastic glitter commonly available at any crafts or party store. God owns all the gold in the universe – you’d think he’d use some of that…

    1. A woman is on record in a video confessing that her “ministry” at Bethel was to purchase decorative gold flakes and have them inserted into the ceiling ventilation system, so that the air would blow them through the vents above and onto the flock of Me-gulls below. Cheap parlor tricks confirmed, but don’t tell the New Age Gnostic Church of the Reprobate Apostates. They’ll accuse you of blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

  2. This doesn’t just speak to the state of the church in America, but the state of our schools as well. These are mostly millennials. Fifty years ago California had the best schools in the world. Look at them now.
    Now we train our kids to work the drive thru and import scientists and engineers from the kind of places that used to believe things like this.

  3. Bethel clearly does not understand the glory of God. This shows how little they think of God and how little they fear Him. I have no doubt that when I finally witness the glory of God I will tremble and fall at His feet as though dead. This makes me sick. They need to read Isaiah 6.

  4. Pretty funny to see the look on bill’s face while he is looking at the ladys phone. He’s all, “Ya, so? I told them to put the glitter in the vents, duh!” Sad and sick to see So many dumb goats eating it up.

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