Lol: Watch Joe Biden Pronounce the Book of “Psalms”

When Democrats quote the Bible it feels like it must if a Republican were to quote Rules for Radicals or the Communist Manifesto. Let’s be honest; the Bible really isn’t a book Democrats read very often.

This must be the case with Joe Biden, who recently quoted the Psalms (who, as everyone even vaguely familiar with the Holy Bible knows, has a silent “p”) and pronounced it “Palms” and its author as the “Palmist.” Oddly, not only did Biden pronounce the P, he inexplicably made the “s” silent (which it is not).

Democrats have a tendency to patronize believers, using religion only as an occasional talking point in whatever leftist agenda speech they happen to be making. And when politicians can’t correctly pronounce the largest and arguably most-quoted book of the entire Bible, perhaps they should stop with the charade.- Advertisement –

Watch below.

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