Pastor’s Pregnant Wife Dies by Jumping in Front of Train Because Baby had 5% of Being Disfigured

A mother of two from the United Kingdom has died by suicide after discovering that the child she was carrying in the womb had a 5% chance of being disfigured through a genetic abnormality.

Zdenka Yabani, 39, was 8 months pregnant with her child when she learned that there was a small chance her child could be born with facial deformities of some kind. Four days later, she bought herself a ticket, ran across the platform, and jumped in front of a non-stop city train traveling 115mph, instantly killing her and the unborn child in her womb.

One of the Railway employees who witnessed the encounter, Anna Bodja said:

I heard the fast train approaching, I heard the announcement and I saw the announcement on the board. I noticed a woman in a white jacket back away and start running across the platform. She did a star jump in front of the train, it lasted a second or two.

Though Yabani was bipolar and suffered from that particular mental illness, this callous disregard for human life, viewing a baby who might have some genetic defect as some worst-case scenario monster, is unfathomable. This also wasn’t the first time she did this. Yabani aborted a baby in 2012 after discovering it might be born with an abnormality, the result of a side effect of her bipolar medication.

The fact is that a child born with a deformities or with cognitive struggles are precious and delightful, and their births ought to be celebrated as no different than one who might be born otherwise healthy, rather than being viewed as a doomsday event worthy of killing oneself over.

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4 thoughts on “Pastor’s Pregnant Wife Dies by Jumping in Front of Train Because Baby had 5% of Being Disfigured

  1. This woman obviously needed to be delivered from the unclean spirit/s that were tormenting her. The “modern” church has no idea about these things for they have no discernment, and the hirelings that call themselves pastors are nothing but blind guides leading the blind. Hollywood and disneyland are more real to these modern “professing” Christians than Biblical New Testament Christianity. It grieves me daily to hear that people are dying without the truth ! So many churches, so many pastors but very little TRUTH………..
    “The man that wandereth out of the way of understanding shall remain in the congregation of the dead.” Prov21:16

    1. Bern: you claim ‘unclean spirits’?
      Why the need to sensationalize things?
      It’s simply called being a ‘reprobate’ and there are billions of them.

  2. We live in a fallen world. This is a sad story. Whether this woman had a mental issue or a spiritual one, it underscores the reality of sin and fallenness in all of us. The first Adam imprinted us all with sin. That sin that permeates each of us will lead us to separation from our Creator. The Way back to sinlessness is through the Second Adam, God’s Son. He became sin for us…that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him. Praise God for his grace and his steadfast love in sending our Substitute. There is coming a day when He shall wipe away every tear. Pray for her family.

  3. Yeah i do claim unclean spirits @ ” somedudeovertherainbow” -JESUS cast out “many” unclean spirits out of people while He walked among men. You do not seem to understand spiritual things nor do you seem to believe GOD’s Holy Word, the living Bible. The woman is the weaker vessel and satan will target her whenever he gets opportunity but you seem to lack spiritual discernment my friend and also a love for GODs Holy Word.

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