Nation’s Largest LGBT Group Urges Biden to Strip Accreditation of Christian Colleges and Schools

The countries largest pro-LGBTQQIP2SAA lobby, the Human Rights Campaign, is urging President-Elect Biden and his wicked henchwoman Kamala Harris to strip accreditation from any Christian school, college, or university that has a policy of discriminating based on sexual orientation and gender identity. In short, any Christian institution holding to a biblical worldview and engaging in “the free exercise thereof” is going to targeted.

Writing that “the momentous election of pro-equality champions Joe Biden and Kamala Harris puts us on a path to move equality forward by advancing policies to improve the lives of millions of LGBTQ people,”
the Christmas wishlist of the gay lobby is found in their 2020 Blueprint for Positive Change. The 22-page anti-Christian screed includes 85 policy recommendations that range from the reasonable to the terrifying, with this particular one falling in the latter category. It says:

Ensure Nondiscrimination Policies and Science Based Curricula Are Not Undermined by Religious Exemptions to Accreditation Standards

Language regarding accreditation of religious institutions of higher education in the Higher Education Opportunity Act could be interpreted to require accrediting bodies to accredit religious institutions that discriminate or that do not meet science-based curricula standards. The Department of Education should issue a regulation clarifying that this provision, which requires accreditation agencies to “respect the stated mission” of religious institutions, does not require the accreditation of religious institutions that do not meet neutral accreditation standards including nondiscrimination policies and scientific curriculum requirements.

That is, The Higher Education Opportunity Act has a clause letting religious schools discriminate according to the tenets of their faith, and LGBTQQIP2SAAT wants to get rid of it. They would prohibit Christian schools from doing things like not hiring lesbian teachers, having morality clauses for their students that includes not engaging in transgendered activism and forming groups on campus, and being able to fire a male teacher that comes out as a woman, among a host of other things.

Al Mohler, commenting on the Briefing, had the following to say:

Yet, the most shocking demand in the report is found under the section for the Department of Education. The Human Rights Campaign demands the Biden administration to ensure that “non-discrimination policies and science-based curriculum are not undermined by religious exemption to accreditation standards.”

That is sinister. I’ve not seen any document like this before—the Human Rights Campaign is effectively calling for religious colleges and schools to be coerced into the sexual revolution or stripped of accreditation…

In terms of accreditation, that is an atomic bomb.

In clear text, for all the world to see, the Human Rights Campaign summons the Biden administration to deny accreditation—or, at the very least, to facilitate the denial of accreditation—to Christian institutions, Christian colleges and universities, and, for that matter, any other religious institution or school that does not meet the demands of the LGBTQ orthodoxy. This would mean abandoning biblical standards for teaching, hiring, admissions, housing, and student life. It would mean that Christian schools are no longer Christian.

The scary thing is, this sort of recommendation is right up Biden’s and Harris’s alley to implement. Don’t be surprised if the administration takes them up on their offer.

2 thoughts on “Nation’s Largest LGBT Group Urges Biden to Strip Accreditation of Christian Colleges and Schools

  1. Why do you refer to “The Don” Joe Biden as “President-Elect Biden” do you know something we don’t? Trump’s lawyers sound pretty confident in their case they’re going to bring before the court, and maybe ultimately the supreme court next month, and they’re not the type to blow smoke.

  2. You’re so fucking stupid. It’s LGBTQ. And you have a total of 5 brain cells.
    Fuck your religion. You stupid homophobic piece of shit.

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