Russell Moore Claims to Not Know Any Conservative Evangelicals ‘Influenced by Critical Race Theory’

Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, has said in an interview that he doesn’t know any conservative evangelicals influenced by Critical Race Theory, and if someone put a gun to his head and asked him to name one, he wouldn’t come out alive.

Now, there is a sense that is true, only because once you begin to be influenced by CRT by definition you are no longer a conservative evangelical, but that is not what Moore has in mind, as that’s a bit too straightforward and big-brained for him. Rather, statements like this show once again that Moore is being duplicitous or woefully ignorant, all the while acting the ingénue.

This is reminiscent of Albert Mohler saying that there are no women pastors in the SBC, and that he’s never heard of such a thing, when in reality there are hundreds. He just doesn’t care, which is a scary prospect from the soon to be President of the SBC.

We digress. If Moore wanted to save his life, he could have actually just pointed to himself. That would have been more than sufficient to twitch the barrel of the gun away from the back of his head and avoid a messy explosion of brain, blood, and bits of bone that would inevitably occur as Moore throws up his hands, with tears running down his face and snot dribbling down his upper lip, whimpering “I swear on my life! I don’t know any conservative influenced by it. Please! Don’t! I have a family! I have a corrupt organization that bilks the co-operative program I need to get back to. Please. Anything!”


He could point the finger at his boss, J.D. Greear, who never heard of a police shooting that he wasn’t able to attribute to down and dirty racism, but let’s look at something a little closer to home. Two years ago the ERLC hosted the Cross Shaped Family Conference. Here is a list of speakers.

Well well well. That’s like a veritable smorgasbord of who’s who, isn’t it? Anyone wanting more insight into why 80% of those people are influenced by critical race theory can read our archives, either here or at, but to name just one of the more prominent ones, he’s on the top row, second from the left. (Silver and gold, hallelujah!) If you don’t consider him to be a “conservative evangelical” you probably shouldn’t have invited him to your conference. If you want more, bottom row far left, bottom row middle, top row far right, top row second from the right, etc.

But Moore can’t name a single one.

“I just need more time. Let me think for a second…Um…Um…Karl Marx? No wait. Let me ask Al Mohler. He might know. I just need a second to- “


Sorry folks.

He’s dead.


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5 thoughts on “Russell Moore Claims to Not Know Any Conservative Evangelicals ‘Influenced by Critical Race Theory’

  1. I never forget how when I met Rosaria Butterfield at her husband’s church in Durham, NC a couple of years ago when she told me not to worry about Moore after I questioned her about their Q&A session on stage at some previous conference. I’m still shaking my head.

  2. These so-called “celebrity” Christians should read their Bibles. They are more about pimping their own names and ideas than the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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