Mohler Rebukes Trump, Says Voter Fraud Allegations are Dangerous to America

Much like Punxsutawney Phil, Albert Mohler emerged from his hole this morning to survey the political landscape and thus casting his wet, extended pinky to the wind, he guessed at which way the wind was blowing before stepping out to bravely provide his patronizing commentary to America’s evangelical conservatives.

According to Albert Mohler, claims of voter fraud are dangerous.

No, voter fraud doesn’t endanger our Republic according to Mohler…the accusations do.

Gosh, he’s a terrible human. Just awful….Insufferable.

The president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, who often speaks out of both sides of his mouth on, well, pretty much everything, made the comments on The Briefing.

Mohler said, “Americans should be agreed that every single vote of every single citizen should be counted…”

Full stop. No. We should not be agreed on that. Rather, we should agree that every single eligible vote of every single eligible voter should be counted if was cast in an eligible place and in an eligible timeframe.

The devil is in the details (and so is Al Mohler most of the time). Mohler went on…

The seminary president, who has been breaking land-earth speed records hiring and promoting Critical Theorists, spoke out as though he were an election expert and rebuked POTUS for claiming there could be voter fraud.

Following the lead of his fascist Lilliputian apprentice Russell Moore, Mohler spoke with feigned authority on the subject as though he has some kind of esotetic knowledge of election security.

Mohler said, “President Trump has pointed to what he considers to be election irregularities but there is no serious credible concern [about voting irregularity] that is a matter of public record.”

What the heck is Mohler talking about? There’s tons of evidence of voter fraud.

One of the worst humans ever went on, “If there is any credible evidence that there was some effort to commit voter fraud on any widespread effort, then that needs to be identified and investigated, and if it does change the results of the election materially, America should deal with that.”

Thanks, Al. We didn’t know that until you said it. Thank you, oh great potentate and omniscient leader of the Latte Mafia and bowtie brigade.

If Albert Mohler could uselessly sit on the fence any harder he would defecate splinters. One can only imagine how Mohler and the soy boys will two-step to the right if things change significantly in the other direction.

7 thoughts on “Mohler Rebukes Trump, Says Voter Fraud Allegations are Dangerous to America

  1. Is anyone as sick of the Elite SBC as I am??? I wish all the small churches who are really the big givers to the CP would find out what is really happening and stop supporting these people. They do not represent us; they just act like it.

  2. Amen. R C Sproul once said in a huge conference that he didn’t believe that 5% of the pastors were qualified. There should be no delay in any congregation leaving the SBC given the constant double speak of Mohler and his creation of Moore and firing conservative professors and hiring apostates. Good grief folks. What does it take to build a fire under you. These guys have to go and if your pastor is so inept not to see the radical leftward shift in the SCB then they need not be your pastor. The time to act was 10 years ago. So what are you waiting for? If your church won’t leave then it’s on you to leave that church.

    1. Based on my experience, a lot of folks have trouble leaving friends behind and relationships in general and they place that in front of their vertical relationship, assuming they have that. In a word: worldliness, which we all have to fight.

      I’m about to have an interview for a membership in a new church here in Charlotte this morning and I’m going to ask some tough questions of the two elders as I want to see if this church is a good fit for both of us, no matter how much I like the preaching. A couple of years ago, Voddie Baucham guest preached in their pulpit, which is a good sign, compared with Lig Duncan, who guest preached twice in my old church.

  3. I have to wonder what, if he were still around, R.C. would say about what has happened to his old friends who he used to have speak at his Ligonier conferences, guys like Al Mohler, Lig Duncan, Mark Dever, Ravi Zacharias, and Ron Burns, under his pseudonym.

    I also have to wonder, based on this latest tweet of Mohler cited in this article, if James White will finally admit to stop listening to Mohler’s “The Briefing” as I did years ago. He seems to think Mohler is still worth listening to, and I can’t understand why, given the shenanigans Mohler has allowed to go on at his seminary and in the SBC in general.

    Those of you who don’t listen to “The Dividing Line” anymore, White has been very critical of John Piper and others in the Woke movement lately like Jemar Tisby, Tim Keller and warning about what’s likely coming should Biden and the Dems pull off this major government coup. Given their history with the Republicans, almost always getting the better of them, they probably will, unless the Lord in his mercy prevents it and holds off his judgment for four more years.

    In other words, think of the Republicans as Charlie Brown and the Democrats as Lucy pretending to hold the football for Charlie to kick, and you know what happens every time.

  4. Not enough people in the SBC can see what is happening. They think somehow the Baptists will be different. The SBC is headed the same way as the Episcopalians, the Lutherans, the Presbyterians, and the Methodists. Apparently for the leftist fakes infiltrating every denomination it’s like taking candy from a baby. They infiltrate and do the same thing over and over:

    1. Use the press to promote urban hipster millionaires as denominational “leaders.”
    2. Turn them into soft leftists who endlessly promote God’s “love” for sinners. The kingdom is eternal tolerance for sinners and, incidentally, their sin also. If you don’t like it, well, it’s meanie unloving people like you that need to watch out for God’s judgement.
    3. Infiltrate with hard leftists into appointed, influential positions like seminaries and government liaison groups. These people teach, blog, and speak about the unChristian influence of private property, lack of giving to the poor, misuse of the earth, etc. Liberation Theology in all its incarnations.
    4. Never mention sin. Never mention hell or who’s in it. We just don’t know about those things. God is love. That’s all anyone needs, or needs to know.
    5. Stop teaching the atonement. You don’t have to flat out deny it, just never bring it up. God loves sinners, just loves them all, just wants all of them to return to him. The church should be places of welcome above all else. Not places where anyone gets a finger wagging, who needs that? Moralism is a quick way to shrink your numbers. (A new twist now! white people can only attempt absolution with unending begging for forgiveness, and attempts to atone for the sins for their horrible ancestors. Only by atoning for all their sins can you reach atonement yourself. But it’s really hopeless.)
    6. Convince the hip clergy that they really are smarter, more sophisticated, just better, than the hayseeds that sit in the pews. It’s up to you preacher to move this big ship forward into new territory for Jesus. Be a trail blazer, that’s what Jesus really wants from the church, something new and innovative. Shake things up! Irreverent services will draw the young people! Make pastors and “leaders” of the people least expected or worthy! Women, gays, anyone really. Be the home of cutting edge Jesus! That’s how we love!
    7. What happens to the money is so complicated you see, transparency would just be confusing.
    8. When those with some discernment start asking questions, stress unity or togetherness as the highest ecclesial ideal. Get a catch phrase like “walk together” “together for the gospel” “a path forward” “one purpose” “one for the gospel” etc. We will never settle for less than complete unity in all things.
    9. Never compromise the new way. Never give an inch to those who are worried about these changes. All “unity” depends on conservatives compromising. Every single time, every single issue.
    10. Feign sadness when the denomination splits. Make sure the traditionalists are seen as leaving the church so they are not entitled to take any money or property with them. Keep it all! The initially larger liberal group will wave their rainbow flag in triumph. Their numbers will dwindle every year until the denomination is negligent and their buildings are boarded up with ‘For Sale’ signs in front or converted into bars, mosques, office buildings. The atheists have been right all along-no one needs God to force them to be sort of nice to people, most of the time, if they feel like it.
    11. Inoculate the denominations not invaded yet against thinking it could ever happen to them. Why, it only happened to the Episcopalians, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists, and now Baptists because they aren’t REAL Christians like we are.

    It works Every Single Time, Every Single Denomination.

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