Lecrae’s Answer on ‘Whether or Not Christians Should Go to Church’ Is Shockingly Bad

Rapper Lecrae recently did an interview when he was asked about whether or not Christians should go to Church. Far from giving a simple, easy, clear answer, his unclear, jumbled, Tim-Kelleresque response was about as bad as one could expect.

Those watching the trajectory of Lecrae “He went out from us” Moore knows that’s he has been in a bad way for years. He shows clear signs that any semblance of formerly professing Christian faith is nearly non-existent, from promoting and fawning over abortion-loving Democrat Stacey Abrams, to sputtering “You know…well…um…er….ah….I don’t know” when asked about the sin of homosexuality in an interview. Recently he promoted the threat from women of “pay us money or we’ll kill our babies.”

In an October 30 interview with Torae on Hip Hop Nation, Torae and Lecrae delve into a bit about what “restoration” is about, given his new book and the press tour Lecrae is on promoting it, as well as the relationship between faith and religion.

Far from articulating this theology like a once-upon-a-time “reformed rapper,” Lecrae sounds like an 11-year-old on her first day of youth group, arguing what ultimately boils down ” I don’t want religion, that’s bad. I want a relationship.”

Torae then asks him, on the topic of church attendance and gathering on the Lord’s day for worship and the word:

Q: As the world changes, do you feel that what people generally, traditionally know faith, religion, and church to be is changing as well?

A: I like to think of myself as somebody who is spiritual, but I’m not in church like I was when I was younger. I have a relationship with my Lord and Savior and I pray good times, bad times, and different. Sometimes people, you know the elders will look at you like ‘you’re not in church, you’re not tithing, you’re not doing XYZ,’ and so they try to devalue what my relationship is.

More relevant answer:

Well like I think in any relationship you take the time to understand the other person. It’s kind of like if I tell you my cousin’s name is Jimmy but his name is John, I might not really have a good relationship with my cousin. So if [you’re] really developing and cultivating that relationship, it’s going to show and it’s going to shine. I think a lot of the older generation rightfully so, they leaned on these institutions because these institutions were like guard rails.

And there’s nothing wrong with traditions, but something’s wrong with traditionalism, where you’re doing it to do it, and it don’t have no meaning or substance, it’s just going to be empty. And so I’m not really with the traditionalism either, I think the institution we know as the church in America is not really what God tried to set up. I think he wants us to be in community with each other, connected to each other, and helping each other to become better versions of who He created us to be.”

To which the host replies “Absolutely.”

So there we go. Torae’s takeaway, (who isn’t a Christian, despite his claims) is that Lecrae affirmed him in his choice not to attend Church, and Lecrae devalued the importance of it, writing off the church as “not really what God tried to set up” and then generally emphasizing a “be in community with each other, help each other, connect with each other” liberalized mentality that could fit in any lecture one might hear in a mosque or Buddhist temple. [Editor’s Note: it sounds like that classic Abe Lincoln riff from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, “Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!”]

Far from being merely a swing and a miss, at this point, it seems like Lecrae is being paid by a bookie to throw the game.

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