California Church Approaching $400,000 in Fines for Defying Gov. and Having Services

Santa Clara County in California, known for having the most brutal and repressive lockdown policies in the Country, is suing a San Jose-based Church in an effort to prevent them from having indoor services after astronomical fines have proven ineffective.

Calvary Chapel San Jose, led by Senior Pastor Mike McMclure, has already garnered more than $350,000 in fines, with the number still growing at a rate of $5000 per day, for what Clara County is charging is a flagrant disavowing of public health and safety protocols. They allege the church is not socially distancing, wearing masks, and is singing in their indoor services – the same charge leveled against John MacArthur and Grace Community Church until they won a hard-fought legal reprieve until 2021.

This is the highest fine accrued by any church in the country for violating Lockdown-related regulations, with the previous being North Valley Baptist Church in the same county that were levied with over $110,000.

Despite the pressure of the fines, the church and pastor have not yielded or complied with these oppressive tactics, resulting in the County turning to the courts to put pressure on them to comply, with the complaint reading:

In light of the frequency and size of Defendants’ indoor gatherings, as well as the fact that COVID-19 spreads so easily and quickly from person to person indoors, Defendants’ conduct creates an immediate and serious risk to the health and safety of the people of the County and the State of California…

Calvary church closed down for a two-month stint between March and April, but has since reopened up and hosts up to 700 congregation members at a time. Though the megachurch can hold 1900, the restrictive policies would limit them to a mere 100.

A court hearing is scheduled for the case on Monday and we will update this story accordingly.

4 thoughts on “California Church Approaching $400,000 in Fines for Defying Gov. and Having Services

  1. The truth is that with a 99.6 % recovery rate Covid 19 doesn’t come close to the statistics needed to call it a “pandemic “.. Pastor McClure & MaCarthur and other Christian leaders will prove this in the courts ! Pray that we will get a Judge with an allegiance to the Law & the American constitution! In California that will be a miracle….but that’s what our God does every day !

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