BOMBSHELL: Tim Keller, Mark Dever Are Registered Democrats

‘Gospel Coalition’ Leaders, Tim Keller and Mark Dever, are registered to vote in the baby-butchering, sodomy-celebrating, pro-theft party of godlessness.

We’ve been telling you forever that Tim Keller is a stone-cold Marxist. Heck, Keller has been doing his best to tell you that for twenty years, through every means possible besides outright saying it. His Big Eva defenders have continued to vouch for Keller’s conservative, capitalist bonafides, like this insanely idiotic piece from Carl Trueman who says it’s impossible because Keller is a theist (as though he missed 60 years of Liberation Theology has never read a thing about Pope Francis). And for the last four years, Keller has basically been live-tweeting Democrat platform, which we’ve also written much about.

Mark Dever of 9Marks ministries, we have also told you for several years, might as well call his organization 9Marx. The Comintern pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington D.C. masqueraded for several decades as a conservative, as Cominterns are prone to do, before being smoked-out as a wealth-redistribution Commie by conservative evangelicals. Earlier this year, Dever preached that it’s acceptable for Christians to vote pro-baby murder. Now we know why; he’s a Democrat.

The two Gospel Coalition (TGC) board members (Keller is an original founder) have driven TGC to come-out-of-the-closet as a full-time propaganda arm of the Democrat National Convention, with articles nearly daily encouraging Christians to either not vote at all or to let them know it’s okay for Christians to vote Democrat.

Judd Saul of Enemies Within the Church posted the information on his Facebook page earlier today.

The address associated with the voter registration corresponds with Keller’s mailing address.

Mark Dever’s Democrat voter registration corresponds with his home address.

Meanwhile, Mark Dever was recently promoted to a position at Albert Moher’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, adding to a long and growing list of Democrats and Critical Theorists at the once-conservative school. Lifeway recently published Sunday School literature from Dever pushing his Social Justice agenda.

These are not good men. These men have been lying to you. They have been lying in wait to destroy the church. They work for the devil.

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15 thoughts on “BOMBSHELL: Tim Keller, Mark Dever Are Registered Democrats

  1. I knew I had to leave my former church one one of the elders, who’s discipleship group I was in, although we never had any discipleship events, told me what a big fan he was of Tim Keller ‘s. Since then, I’ve run into several other people who said something similar, and I wondered to myself how is it possible for someone who’s been born again and indwelt by the Holy Spirit to have absolutely no discernment. If they’re saved, and it’s highly doubtful that they are, what good does it do them?

  2. One more thing: What are we supposed to think of supposed reformed pastors who are friends with guys like Carl Trueman and Ligon Duncan and invite them to preach at their churches? Should we give them some leeway and figure that they’re letting their friendship cloud their judgment or start to question them as well?

    Even RC Sproul, who I respected greatly and whose ministry I’ve benefited from for many years, apparently couldn’t see the truth about Duncan and Mohler because he would have them speak at his Ligonier conferences often. And so would MacArthur, especially when it came to Mohler. MacArthur, though, seems to have wised up. Wonder when he’s going to come back from his extended vacation.

    Then again, these woke preachers really didn’t reveal themselves that way until the last couple of years or so.

    1. Paul did not recognise Demas as an apostate until he apostatised. Demas was at one point a fellow worker with Paul, but I don’t think we say that the Apostle Paul was lacking discernment because he worked in the past with someone who ended up apostatising. Given that we cannot judge people’s hearts and only their external fruits, it can sometimes be hard to discern properly; however, I believe, eventually the bad fruits of evil men and apostates will be revealed because the mind set on the flesh is hostile towards God, and cannot even subject itself to the Law of God. I think it is fair to say that we are not necessarily supposed to be too critical in the rear-view mirror of the past. But when the folk are being flagrant wolves, it is time to start calling them to repentance and then breaking fellowship if they do not submit to the clear teaching of the Scriptures. Hope this helps!
      – In Christ

    2. Ligonier has woken up (no pun intended) and has removed Mohler and Duncan from speaking again at conferences and Mohler is no longer a teaching fellow either. Hopefully, they stay the course or they will lose donations to their ministry . At least from me.

  3. Ha ha An opportunity for Google to not sensor me. I knew of the debate at Gordon- Conwell Theology “cemetery” in April 1981 within 3 months. I did need David Chilton’s book to redirect me away from that False Teacher Ron Sider. I have never had any respect for that “cemetery” in Massachusetts since. I am closely related to that moron George McGovern, who could not lead his own children to faith in Jesus Christ, despite his degree in theology.

    Tim Keller obtained his Master’s degree at GCT “cemetery” in 1975(?) I believe Keller was in the audience in 1981 during that debate at GCT. The Gospel Coalition has a greater chance of convince me that I can broad jump to the moon, than anything in the biblical scripture. Liberation Theology and Social Justice was opposed by me after reading Ronald Nash’s book, “Social Justice and the Christian church”. Rant on students of Keller, no chance. I have known too many better students of Jesus Christ than Tim Keller ; such as Dr. D James Kennedy, Dr. Robert C Sproul, and Dr. Francis Schaeffer. The Gospel Coalition is the worst Cult in America today, do not throw stones from a glass house. Read Pulpit and Pen expose’ on James Riady’s influence as a fake Christian (a Communist) on Russell Moore and Tim Keller with Bribe MONEY.

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