Stung! Trump Tweets out Wild Article from the Babylon Bee

The Babylon Bee, the most famed of all Christian satire pages that is both praised for its wit by normal folk and accused of racism by the Kyle J. Howard‘s and Beth Moore’s of this world, added another notch in their belt of high-profile people who have fallen for their shenanigans when President Donald Trump tweeted out their post earlier this morning accusing Twitter shutting down in order to protect the Democrats.

The ensuing traffic to the Bee resulted in the website crashing several times over the course of the morning, flickering in and out of usability, but seems to have restored stability at the time of this writing.

Headline considering, it is pretty evident that Trump did NOT read the article before posting, as this one was particularly ridiculous. The article involved the Hunter Biden email controversy, and the post imagined Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey smashing “a glass box in his office reading “Break In Case Of Bad Publicity For Democrats.” Inside the case was a sledgehammer for smashing Twitter’s servers.”

Dorsey then proceeds to smash all servers with sledgehammers, tires out, then has a robot come and help them, after which “hearing the Twitter employees talk about critical theory, the robot got woke and began attacking all the cis white males.”

In lieu of this article and Trump’s response to it getting millions of shares on social media. We expect fact-checkers like Snopes to go after the Babylon Bee and rate the article false, or CNN to continue to accuse the Bee of being fake news again.

The Bee, for their part, seem tickled pink, publishing a new article where Trump declares them the most trusted news source.

2 thoughts on “Stung! Trump Tweets out Wild Article from the Babylon Bee

  1. I continue to wish somebody in his administration could have the power to okay the President’s Tweets –

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