Pro-Life Speaker and ‘Christian’ Activist Shannon Dingle Comes Out Pro-Choice

Pro-life speaker and alleged “Christian” activist Shannon Dingle has publicly announced she has disavowed and repudiated her pro-lifeism, declaring she believes abortion is morally acceptable and is coming out as pro-choice.

Dingle, who appeared at the ERLC’s Evangelicals for Life conference in 2016, released an op-ed outlining that she now supports abortion rights and legislation to keep abortion legal, even detailing how she planned to have an abortion just last year.

The apostate, who is a “Christian” in the same way that Jenn Hatmaker is or Rachel Held Evans was a Christian, (progressive, pro-LGBTQ, left a SBC church to attend a United Methodist one) recounts that after her husband died in a freak accident in December 2019, she discovered she was pregnant.

Already moving away from her past beliefs before this occured, she decided that it would be too difficult to be a single mother to another child (she already has six) and suffering from depression and physical disabilities, she made plans to kill her baby, enlisting a friend to help her.

Before she could terminate her baby, the last child of her deceased husband, she miscarried. Consequently, she writes:

I’m not pro-life anymore, not in the political sense. I firmly believe that decisions regarding pregnancy should be between a patient and doctor, not predetermined impersonally by a mostly male governing body. My body shouldn’t be up for public debate…

The pro-life movement can make up all the caricatures they want about people who didn’t plan well, but I was happily married to a living husband when I got pregnant. If I could have planned for him not to die, I would have. 

Caricatures make for good propaganda but terrible policy. People, real people, become pregnant. And those people each carry their own stories, nuanced and unique. 


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5 thoughts on “Pro-Life Speaker and ‘Christian’ Activist Shannon Dingle Comes Out Pro-Choice

  1. I love the “male government” so-called argument. Like it matters what someone’s sex is. So, if an all-male government said owning slaves was bad, this woman wouldn’t abide by that just because the men said it? These pathetic pro-choice arguments can’t hold water. And the government tells us what we can do all the time with our bodies. I can’t go around the supermarket flailing my arms. Why? I might hit someone and cause them harm. But it’s my body! It’s my choice to fling my arms. Uh, no it’s not. You do something with your body and it harms someone else, then it’s battery. Same premise here. The baby inside the woman is NOT part of the woman’s body like an appendix is. The baby has its own DNA, heart, brain, etc. The baby is another human being. The woman has no right to harm or kill her baby. Just like a man has no right to force their wife or girlfriend (sadly) to murder her unborn child. This is one of the consequences of believing in evolution. It is a godless ideology that makes everyone expendable. Survival of the fittest. Any Christian who claims that evolution is compatible with Christianity is either ignorant or intellectually disingenuous. It’s pretty sad that the most dangerous place for a baby to be is its mother’s womb these days. May God have mercy on their souls.

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