Bethel Worship Leader Attracts ‘10,000’ Worshippers in Outdoor Concert, Claims Healing Miracles

Bethel Worship Leader Sean Feucht, making the rounds through America on his “Let us Worship Tour” which attracts massive crowds primarily in lockdown locations, put on more events in Nashville on Sunday and Charleston on Monday, claiming crowds of up to 10,000 people and alleging many healing miracles. The size of the crowd fluctuates through the event, which lasts many hours. Feucht has been overly aggressive with his estimation, and we put the crowds at a quarter of that, if that.

Feucht, who is quickly becoming one of the most well-known worship leaders in America Today, had the event location changed on him three times, yet managed to turn out a massive crowd eager to attend a worship concert in the midst of government lockdowns which have kept others inside. Social distancing was not observed and masks were not worn.

The events, which feature not just worship but also a bit of preaching and time of personal testimony, also feature charismatic manifestations as one might expect from a Bethel Church event. Men and women were speaking in tongues, being slain in the spirit, prophesying, waving flags, and praying for supernatural healings. For the latter, Feucht claims that hundreds of salvations and miracles happened at these events.

In this case, they released two short clips claiming that bad backs were healed and a man who was deaf for 47 years could now hear.

These events, which are normalizing Bethel’s brand of ecstatic worship services and gaining them prominence in the absence of any other groups behaving similarly, have likewise attracted millions of online viewers and shares, which only grows their influence.

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