Prophetess Kat Kerr Dispatches 1000 ‘Special Ops Angels’ in ‘Red, White & Blue Robes’ to Oversee Trump Victory

Prophetess Kat Kerr, general in the Lord’s angelic army, controller of weather, rebuker of hurricanes, and guaranteed to liven up prayer meetings everywhere, announced that 1000 special ops angels, adorned in red, white, and blue robes have been dispatched to earth to oversee Trump’s upcoming election victory: a reward for helping the President emerge victorious in 2016. 

Kerr, who is considered a “little extra” even by charismatic standards (but not by much) pointed out the anointing of the President while “prophesying” that he will win the election and that the whole thing is a done deal. It is this confidence perhaps that has her only commanding 1000 special ops angels, and not the 100 million she previously dispatched to oversee the Republican National Convention. She explains:

When he [Trump] speaks there is an anointing in his voice that brings healing hope. And you know what? We should have no fear. Remember the scriptures says ‘perfect love casts out all fear.’

So I don’t want anyone to be afraid of anything, and I can just tell you this from heaven: Trump is going to win. And no matter what the left and the liberals and the hate people and the fake news, no matter what they come together, even with some wicked people to plot the downfall of America, to make it a socialist country you don’t want that. If you’re too young to understand you don’t want it…

We in America are the land of the brave, the free, and the filled with God. And I can tell you that whole event was filled with the presence of God. And yes, there were 1,000 angels waiting. You know who these angels were? I could see them sitting all up in the…upper stands and everything, in the seats, and they were white—they just glow with the glory of God. But they actually were wearing red, white, and blue robes.

And the Holy Spirit said, ‘These angels are special ops angels that were sent from Heaven back in 2016 to fight on behalf of America, on our president, on his administration, God’s plans that he has for this country.’ And they were there to be sent out again right now. And we all did that…It was very powerful to see them. They shoot past us like beams of light, and they were very powerful beings. Very excited. Let me know, why were they there? God invited them, as a reward for what they’ve already done for America. To hear the words of those who stand in the gap, who will prophesy about what God wants done in America, who have powerful prayer warriors, all of them who were there.

We would ask Dr. Michael Brown to confirm this prophecy, but we’re still waiting for him to comment on the wolfish wager he made with cessationists that left him utterly bereft of credibility. If any other charismatics want to co-sign on all this, we’re all ears.

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