Barna Poll: 40% of Christian Evangelicals are Pretty Much a Bunch of Socialist, Pro-Choice Pagans

Barna recently released another survey for self-described evangelicals and it has confirmed what all the other polls have said, just with rapidly heightening percentages. Results reveal that nearly half of evangelicals are pretty bunch a ragtag group of biblically illiterate, confused, socialist, sexually progressive weirdo pagans.

The survey released Tuesday, part of the Cultural Research Center (CRC) of Arizona Christian University’ American Worldview Inventory 2020 survey, shows an increasingly troubling trend. Famed Polster George Barna reveals:

The most startling realization regarding the theological reformation in progress is how many people from evangelical churches are adopting unbiblical beliefs. What makes that trend so significant is that evangelical churches, by definition, teach that the Bible is the authoritative word of God that teaches not only salvation by grace alone but also an array of life principles that are meant to drive one’s thoughts and actions.

Several polling results found that apply specifically to American evangelicals- a term that is not loosely defined but rather must meet 9 different criteria- reveal:

  • 48% believe a person who is good enough or does enough good works can earn eternal salvation
  • 44% do not believe that history is the unfolding narrative of God’s reality
  • 44% claim the Bible is ambiguous in its teaching about abortion
  • •43% maintain that when Jesus was on earth, He sinned
  • 42% seek moral guidance primarily from sources other than the Bible
  • 42% do not identify and confess their sins on a daily basis
  • 40% accept lying as morally acceptable if it advances personal interests or protect one’s reputation
  • 36% prefer socialism to capitalism
  • •34% reject the idea of legitimate marriage as one man and one woman
  • •34% argue that abortion is morally acceptable if it spares the mother from financial or emotional discomfort or hardship

The results certainly do not reflect favorably on the churches that these people attend. Barna says it nicely “If the views of the people attending our
Christian churches these days are any indication, we need to redirect our efforts for greater impact.”

We at Protestia are a little more direct.

Half the people in this poll are unregenerate pagans and have a false assurance of salvation. They’re part of seeker-sensitive churches that don’t teach the whole counsel of God, led by emasculated betrayers of Christ who’d just as soon preach on self-help and trivialities than a mercilessly tortured Christ who was murdered on a cross because of mercilessly foul sins- slitting the throats of their sheep with bad teaching and then juggling their heads to entertain the goats.

May God have mercy on us.


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19 thoughts on “Barna Poll: 40% of Christian Evangelicals are Pretty Much a Bunch of Socialist, Pro-Choice Pagans

  1. There has been an increasing effort by leftists and anti-Christs to infiltrate churches and bible publishers in order to subvert and weaken Christianity.

  2. …and around 40 percent of self-proclaimed evangelicals align themselves with the Democratic party which, along with the mainstream media, promotes all of these same beliefs and attitudes. It is quite obvious by their associations that their allegiance is with the world rather than the Word…and they are apparently blind to the obvious.

    Those ministers who have also aligned themselves with the Democratic party are mostly filling and futher misleading like-minded minions with the things that they want them to teach and hear…as a way to promote Democratic party principles twisted into a religious framework. Consider current SBC trends.

    The Democratic party did this same thing to justify slavery, to justify the KKK, to justify Jim Crow laws, etc, etc. Democratic party adherents ALWAYS bring current Democratic party views with them into the Church. Beware. There’s a reason that people align themselves with the Democratic party. That party’s platform is what they’re aligning themselves with.

    It’s a two-way street. If it wasn’t, families would leave to find a church that aligns with the word of God.

    Sadly, actual saved family members are often caught in the middle of of all of this and are stuck listening to all sorts of worldly drivel as they are often stuck attending these sorts of religious meetings with their indoctrinated family members. Pray for those who are stuck in such an awful situation.

    1. In response to your comment, check out one of A.D. Robles’ recent podcast where he addresses this issue about how churches should even consider going as far as disciplining people who admit to being a Democrat and or voting for Democrats in this upcoming election.

  3. Holiness and obedience to Christ are not taught in churches anymore. Hence we should expect the nominal Christian who never reads his Bible to become more and more like the world around him. I put the fault in the lap of the pastors and teachers.

    1. When I see disobedient unruly children I blame the parents.
      When I see failing, worldly churches, I blame the leaders.
      When I see the leaders failing their flock, I blame the church for choosing their leaders to rule over them.

    2. Absolutely correct!! I’ve been saying for many years that the Church has blood on its hands regarding the apostasy she now finds herself immersed in.

    3. There are pastors who are sound in their doctrine and teach the Gospel as it should be. But unfortunately in general people don’t want to hear that they have to change their ways and repent daily so they go to the churches where their ears are tickled. Some “pastors” have become all about numbers. Very sad indeed that so many souls are at stake

  4. Church leaders are chosen by church members, and the church members only want people to tickle their ears.
    We would rather get our cheque book out than get personally involved with the lost.
    We prefer to play at church, than to take up our cross daily and follow Christ.

  5. Most people who need to hear this the most, refuse to listen when told the church has gone apostate. I’ve lost people who profess to be Christians over this.

  6. The Church needs to return to teaching Christian *doctrine* (you know, Trinity, Incarnation, Atonement, all that stuff) instead of sermons every week on how to cope with modern life. If you teach the doctrines of Moral Therapeutic Deism that’s the religion you’ll get. Not only in preaching, but bring back real Sunday school and real hymns that taught doctrine. Wouldn’t hurt to throw in the Apostle’s or Nicene Creed every once in a while, but I get that evangelicals don’t really cotton to that idea.

  7. The sheep 🐑 wander about with no shepherd to guide and teach them. We should not wonder that they are lost.

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