Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church Rails against ‘Woke Bulls***’ and ‘Slu**’ During Fiery Sermon

Pastor Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church raised some eyebrows during his message at the Fight Laugh Feast (FLF) Conference held over the weekend in Tennesse when he dropped some foul language in the process of calling out woke pastors who were whoring themselves out to pagan ideologies and practices, a move reminiscent of Mark Driscoll and edgy Youth Pastors everywhere.

The conference was the first conference ever to be hosted by the FLF Network, a like-minded group of ministries who seem to be centered around the gang at Doug Wilson’s Christ Church and have as their mantra and mission statement:

Together, we fight to expand the Kingdom of God in this world through powerful content. Together, we laugh while learning how to engage cultural topics with consistent Biblical responses. And we feast upon God’s word through biblical studies.

Durbin, as well as being a pastor in Mesa, Arizona, is known for the content produced by Apologia Studio, street preaching at abortion clinics through the ministry of End Abortion Now, and for being an outspoken theonomist.

He’s also known for recording a man confessing his sin and then anonymously releasing those recordings publicly when he deemed the supplicant not sufficiently repentant, judged that way because the confessing man years later gave a biblical critique of an aspect of Durbin’s ministry.

Near the end of the conference message, however, Durbin prepares the audience by contextualizing some choice words he’s about to say, explaining that “we need to say what the prophets said and do what the prophets did. I want to be very careful about what I’m about to do. Because I want you to understand why.”

He explains that the rules in his house dictate that cursing is not allowed and foul language is punished severely, but that desperate times call for desperate measures, explaining that “we have to understand that there are different speed limits at different locations for a reason.”

He points out that Jesus used strong language when dealing with spiritually dangerous things, telling hard truth in hard ways and using a serrated edge when it was called for, demonstrated by several occasions of calling people “sons of hell,” and “whitewashed tombs.”

Durbin quotes Ezekial 16:15-34, which outlines Israel’s harlotry and idolatry when she offered herself to the pagan nations without anything in return, painting Israel as a promiscuous nymphomaniac if the accumulation of other gods were an accumulation of lovers, and speaks of the deep displeasure and harsh words the Lord used when describing that whole mess. Then he goes off.

So in light of these issues, BLM, LBGT, and the abortion issue, evangellyfish woke pastors – you say ‘homolust is not a sin,’ even though Jesus said sin begins in the heart. You say ‘we aren’t under the law, we’re under grace. We don’t need God’s stipulated standards of justice.’ Yet you throw up your marxist communist fists shouting, ‘No justice, no peace!’

You swallowed the member of the Marxist denying what God says about our unity and identity in the Messiah, and you teach people that our identity is in our color. Shame on you. You deny God’s own word, accusing people of guilt for the sinful color of their ancestors.

Thus, you invalidate the word of God for the sake of your woke bulls***.

Durbin continues:

I could do this, by the way, more Pauline if you’d like. You invalidate it for the sake of your skubalon. Or I think if I want to be faithful and I want to say what the prophets say and do what they did, I need to be more like Ezekiel.

The woke evangelical whore is a sl** who lies down in the middle of a burning city, spreading her legs to the rioters and looters, spreading her legs to Marx, Engels, Alinksy, and Soros.

Only she knows the history. Marxism and Communism plunge nations into poverty. There’s’ no money in this for her, but she wasn’t looking for payment anyways.

The evangelical woke sl** is a sl** whose behavior makes Cardi B’s WAP ( A filthy song whose acronym is ‘Wet A** P****’) look like performance art for preschoolers.

Pray that God removes these pimps from the pulpit and fills it with prophets who will keep his bride pure and faithful.

Let’s pray.

The complete video can be seen here.


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19 thoughts on “Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church Rails against ‘Woke Bulls***’ and ‘Slu**’ During Fiery Sermon

  1. If a “pastor” can’t get his message across without profanity he isn’t much of a pastor. But then this one loves drinking and tattoos and fund raising events involving tattoos so the bar for this one isn’y very high to begin with. He had the opportunity to make a good point. He blew it. Have another drink and maybe get a new tattoo Jeff.

  2. What happened to the Biblical principle of being angry yet not sinning.
    Cussing because someone else is sinning is not the righteous response.
    Aplologia and Wilson’s guys have so many legitimate points that they don’t need to lower themselves to this kind of argumentation.

  3. I don’t know if any of you follow Apologia, but this tribe does…and Jeff and crew are solid. Can you please identify what sin he’s committing? Which commandment? He prefaced what he was doing, since he knew it was culturally “sensitive”. But how do you see the use of similar language by the prophets or apostles? I doubt very seriously any “pastors” or commenters out there can show the fruit or schedule that Jeff and team consistently take part in and bear…and have perpetuated thru influence to other assemblies across the world…that put feet to their faithfulness to the Most High. Our Western Church is no model for faith and action in Christ. We are a comfortable, fat, lethargic, lazy, legalistic bunch. Please stop the harping on Jeff’s tattoos, consumption of alcohol, background, etc. You critics are the same people who won’t dirty your hands to help or do so many things in our communities. And when was the last time you talked to anyone in public about Jesus…or having a biblical worldview? There are plenty of wolves in sheep’s clothing in our assemblies who loudly preach no alcohol, dancing, tattoos, blah blah blah. Can we please kill the legalism piece? It’s not working. I mean, look at the Southern Baptists and their “president”. Classic study. All the while, your next door neighbors are sprinting to hell and there’s no stopping them due to any witness from their self-righteous…or perhaps quiet and non-communicative…neighbor, the “Christian”.

    1. Ephesians 4:29 Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. Neither the prophets, Paul, nor Jesus used foul corrupting talk, ever! Durbin is disqualified as a pastor according to 1 Timothy 3:2 Therefore an overseer must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach. Durbin is a reproach, not sober-minded, and not self-controlled. You need to find another church witch a man qualified to pastor.

    2. Ephesians 5:4  Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving.

      1. …wanted to add that “skubalon” is not cussing. It merely means dung, or refuse. We know it’s not cussing because cussing would violate Ephesians 5:4 and God does not violate His Word.
        I agree with the content of Jeff’s message but he did not need to use the world’s vulgar language to do so. He should repent of that and I pray he does, publicly. I especially like his witnessing videos but this behavior is not above reproach…come back, Jeff.

  4. Well, at least I know what WAP is now. Last I knew it meant wireless access point.

    I’ve been praying for a long time now that the naive would be convicted and repent for following this false gospel and those that have hardened their hearts be cut off from the church. Harsh? Maybe. Necessary? Yes.

  5. Most of us struggle with bringing our bridled tongue in a tighter pull towards what the Lord would prefer, in public for sure, but also in private. This guy seems like a man who has not even come close to how the Lord would want him to say in representing the Most High God. He can justify all he wants but he is making a shameful representation of the Church. I’m not perfect but, language for a true man of God is a basic skill we are called to bring under the Lordship of Jesus.

  6. Taking the high road much Jeffey? Funny when you use alternative means you can actually convey the thought more effectively than when you get down in the gutter. I had a pastor who used “balderdash” when highly exercised. We got his drift.

  7. I think the modern “christian” church is made up of a bunch of snowflakes. You “christians” who are offended by Jeff Durbin and Doug Wilson need to get out of your church buildings more and share the Gospel with the dying world. The Bible is full of harsh language when it calls out the sin of man. Paul views his life before Christ is as shit compared to what he has in Christ. So do I and every true born-again follower of Christ. The word crap or rubbish really doesn’t convey the message. I think bullshit is perfectly fine in describing the antichrist woke pastors. It perfectly conveys God’s heart toward these woke pastors in modern English. If you were offended, you should be; but not for the reason that Jeff used the words “bullshit” or “slut”.

    1. Tim, you are an idiot. Your views are total dung. Still feel the same now? By the way, get me that reference where Paul says his life was “sh*t.” You are a disingenuous liar who can’t read good. The Bible uses harsh language but NEVER obscenity. What a complete poltroon thou seemest to be. Why do we have to put up with ignoramuses like you?
      See, I got my point across very well and never used coarse, gutter, obscenities like you did.

  8. Pastor Durbin missed the mark here. He could have been just as effective without going there.

    For those of you accusing him of consuming alcohol, he does not. For some reason, this is a favorite criticism of Pastor Durbin, but is entirely false. Don’t take my word for it, look it up.

    Apologia studios has done great things, especially with their confronting cults and fighting the abortion industry. Ironically, discernment circles now seem to be turning on Jeff because of one naughty word. I say ironically because it’s a trademark of modern evangellyfish to not care if a pastor is biblically sound as long as they don’t say mean things. Jeff was still biblically sound here. You are upset he said mean things? I wish he hadn’t but I can get over it…

  9. Jeff ALSO said these words “You swallowed the member of the marxist “…Seems like everyone overlooked that. I realize that he’s trying to describe the horrible behaviors of a prostitute but that is DISGUSTING IMAGERY to give to your audience in a sermon. I had a problem with this guy after seeing his silly “late-night-talk-show“ styled jokes on YouTube, laughing about the sins of the nation when he should be mourning them like Isaiah did. And James White agreed to link up with this man’s ministry?!

  10. Mary Turner was tied and hung upside down by the ankles her clothes soaked with gasoline and her burned from her body. Her belly was slit open with a knife like those used in splitting hogs. her unborn baby fell to the ground and gave two feeble cries its head was crushed by a member of the mob with his heel and the crowd shout hundreds of bullets into her. This happens in America that is called Christian nation the more I learn about this country I don’t believe this was ever a Christian nation. The Bible said in the last day knowledge will increase. The woke church if it be of God he cannot overthrow it you will be founded even to fight against God.

    1. These types of deaths have happened to every people group in every country, and are awful. They even still occur in the US sometimes when serial killers kill people even though it is one person, it is no less disturbing. Mob violence is currently happening all over the middle east as well as Africa and Asia. They burn Christians and other religious minorities. In France a mans head was removed because he showed a cartoon! The US as a Christian nation doesn’t mean that no one in the US has ever done anything un-Christian, or that all people living in it are Christians. Obviously the event you shared was not in line with Christ at all, and the people who did it can call themselves Christian, but that doesn’t make it so. The laws of our country did derive from the Bible, and that is why it was called a Christian country. The problem is that laws don’t stop people from sinning, it just makes it more obvious when they are. Even in the Bible, Israel constantly was violating God’s law when they were the ones entrusted with it. I do believe we should call for justice, but remember complete and full justice means we will be judged by the same standard. Be careful that you don’t start to think other people are worse than you and make your own standard of righteousness that you are able to keep perfectly so you can look down on them while God is looking down on us all and will judge us with the same measure we judge others with.

  11. I liked Jeff Durbin’s preaching when I first started watching his YouTube videos. And I do agree with most of his messages but when he pulls stunts like this and his beer drinking and Bible study videos I just shake my head. I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and none of us will ever be this side of heaven and without the imputed righteousness of Christ. But, in this case it was not a “heat of the moment” comment. Bro. Durbin was wrong in his use of this type of language. Those in attendance would get the gist of his sermon without using vulgar, offensive language. I lose a little respect for the man when he lowers himself to such sophomoric stunts.

  12. My sweet Lord… do any of you hypocrites even understand scripture? Do you even know what it meant to profane in a scriptural context? Do you think that s**t and f**k and bi**h were greek and hebrew profanities? Do you even understand the purely societal reasoning behind their modern occurrence as “cursewords”? These words mean NOTHING to God. The intention is what makes the curse.

    Calling someone a “jerkface” in anger and derision is as much a curse as calling them a “bi**h”. Modern curse words were words that the aristocratic elite in centuries past didn’t allow their peers to use because they wanted to seperate their speach from the impoverished population… this is where we get the term “dirty words”.

    Why, oh why… do you pitiful people sit here in your self righteousness and make the claim that “sin” can be defined by HUMAN BEINGS?! That isn’t how it works! Profanity and corrupting language are just antagonistic, angry, hurtful words… saying “crap” instead of “s**t” in the same context does NOTHING to mitigate the sinfulness of it! Now go and build up the church… speak life and hope in a time when the world needs it desperately… be about the work of the Father.

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