‘Evangelist’ Joshua Feuerstein Harrases Mask-wearing Man at Zoo and Tries to Feed Him Animal Pellets

Demonstrating behavior that wouldn’t be excusable or tolerable for even a 5-year-old, so-called “Christian evangelist” Joshua Feuerstein accosted a man holding a stroller at a petting zoo, mocked him for wearing a face mask, got up in his personal space, shoved his hand full of animal pellets in his face, and mockingly told him he’s just “feeding the sheep.”

Known for making national headlines a few years back when he accused Starbucks of canceling Christmas by introducing generic red coffee cups rather than more festive ones, Joshua Feuerstein is a run-amock Facebook savant. With no ecclesiastical credentials or authority, he makes a career out of spewing needlessly offensive nonsense. To make matters worse, he associates proudly with a cadre of nefarious spiritual knaves and uses his influence to both bolster and promote their careers of shameless self-indulgence.

This is no more true than in the featured video. Though Feuerstein deleted the video after uploading it, we have a copy of it here, courtesy of the pagans at The Friendly Atheist, who also get a hat tip for the story.

After pointing out to Feuerstein that a man walked by them wearing a face mask, despite being outside, the friend dares him to go up to the man and offer him animal pellets, goading him with “you won’t do it.”

Feuerstein, in an act of pure idiocy, is up for the challenge. He walks up to the man and sticks a handful of feed in his face, which the man swats away angry and surprised. When asked by the man what he’s doing, Feuerstein responds.

We’re at the petting zoo, it says, ‘Feed the sheep,’ dude…

In other wretched news, Feuerstein is planning on starting a new church with his wife down in Texas, called “America’s Church” where ostensibly he’ll be the pastor. The church is being billed as one that “Loves God, loves family, and loves their country.” That description, coupled with the prospect of being led by Feuerstein, all but guarantees it will be a hellhole of false doctrine, bad leadership, and Christ-shaming personified.

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