Newest Psalm Sing Protest Brings 400 Worshippers, Counter-Protesters, but No Arrests or Citations

Members of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, along with fellow believers from other congregations who have had their spines stiffened by the efforts of the Church leadership and the courage of other like-minded believers, put on another Psalm Sing event on Friday in front Of City Hall, tripling their attendance, but also drawing counter-protesters bent on drowning out the worship.

The 15-minute event, which consisted of 3 acapella hymns and a doxology, grew considerably in size, but also brought out counter-protesters. They gathered in the allocated circles and made a ruckus in an effort to antagonize and disrupt the worship. One woman brought her young sons along, and they beat the drums while wearing masks. One protester said, “We’re trying to teach Christians how to love thy neighbor,” and proceeded to accomplish that task by loudly and repeatedly banging his drum.

Despite law enforcement officers citing and arresting several members for congregating in violation of Public Health Emergency Order 20-03 a few days ago, this time the police demurred and did nothing. No tickets were handed out, though all were in violation of the lockdown orders and behaved no differently than last time.

In a statement made to the Moscow-Pullman Daily News, Gabe Rench, one of the men arrested on Wednesday but left unaccosted today, despite doing the very same thing as last time, said about the banging drums.

It shows the contrast between pretty music and what godlessness looks like. Godlessness is ugly. It doesn’t produce pretty noise. And it was actually kind of a funny contrast between what was going on between our beautiful singing and their ugly protest.

While Christ Church will likely have another Psalm Sing event very soon, drawing even bigger crowds than this, the idea for this sort of event has already spread to other cities, with at least two other demonstrations planned soon for San Diego and the greater Atlanta area.

4 thoughts on “Newest Psalm Sing Protest Brings 400 Worshippers, Counter-Protesters, but No Arrests or Citations

  1. Thank you very much for all these Truth News!
    I am a Born Again 70 yr old bachelor Vietnam Veteran. I’ve been telling everyone about Jesus’ Blood that saves and trying to educate folks about the Mask Nazis, The Jesuits, Globalists, Bill Gates kind of guys ever since February. They closed all the Churches here in Sutherlin, Oregon, and I made many so called pastors angry when I told them that a man of God would Never close down the church. By the way , the Church is the people of Jesus that gather! If we all had”House Churches” like we see in the new Testament, no pastor would ever have a 501c3. A lot of pastors don’t really get that concept because of the American Church Paradigm. If we met in private, like in homes, the government wouldn’t be bugging us. Real simple, but Satan hates that structure, and so, there aren’t too many house churches. Most of the “House Churches” on the Internet, I’ve called them on the phone and they believe in women being Pastors!!! Shame on them!. No, you don’t advertise your “House church”… U simply allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to the ones to bring into your group. If they’re lost, u bring them to Jesus, then you water baptize them in the midst of your group(The Lord’s little family)! But,I’m not totally against these big church buildings. I don’t like them for many reasons, but God can work thru them, For example, Pastor John MacArthur ,I truly believe is a soldier of Christ and is being used mightily. I’ve shared several of his videos w/ many folks. I even shared his “There is no Pandemic” vid with all of the different offices w/in the Roseburg, Oregon Veterans Hospitol! I have an appointment with my dentist at the Roseburg VA at 2:00 PM today. ( It’s 5:45 AM now.. can’t sleep on account of aching tooth, There gonna do a root canal on me! My dentist doesn’t like me because she overheard me giving a teaching to her Hygenist (sp?) about the EVIL JESUITS!!! My dentist, interrupted and said to me that she was a Jesuit! Pray for me… I’m at her mercy in the chair!
    Well anyway Come Lord Jesus Come. Rapture us soon!

  2. Nice to hear the singing hymns in public again. And come Christmas – when the left will doubtless still be trying to shut everything down because people might catch a common cold, christmas carols can be brought back to public singing.

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