Judge Orders Church at Planned Parenthood to Stop Services Outside Building – The Church Worships Anyway

A Washington state judge sided with Planned Parenthood, the Apex Predator of the baby-killing world, and issued a preliminary injunction against The Church At Planned Parenthood (TCAPP), blocking them from holding services outside of the abortuary and mandating when they can and cannot have services.

TCAPP is a non-denominational, ecumenical gathering comprised of multiple church congregations that gather weekly outside the doors of the abortion giant’s clinic for a service of worship, prayers, preaching, and rallying cries to get involved in ending abortion. They have services in several cities, including Spokane, Indianapolis, and Oklahoma City, with more on the way.

Here is a brief video from their latest service yesterday evening:

Planned Parenthood (otherwise known as the Bringer Of Death, or BOD, or whatever nasty name we can think for such a hideously ghoulish business) sued TCAPP back in July, alleging they were bullying and terrorizing patients with their noisy singing and loud demonstrations. The BOD claimed they were interfering with their ability to perform “medical treatments” and that their services have scared and intimidated staff and patients procuring services. The lawsuit sought damages and a permanent injunction to prevent TCAPP from gathering.

While the Flesh-Flaying Factory won the initial injunction, the judge did not disband the group completely. Rather, he made them modify their locations and time. Instead of meeting on the grass right next to the building, they have to move across the street and stay at least 35 feet away. Instead of having the service at 6:00 pm, which is when the killing fields normally close, the service has been moved back to 7:00 pm

Ken Peters, one of the founding pastors who has led TCCAP from its inception, had the church move across the street for now and changed the start time, complying with the orders while the case works through the courts, saying of the decision:

The injunction is totally unconstitutional. We completely disagree with it. But it’s Washington State. Washington State is run by leftists.”

Given that the results from the injunction were sprung on them so late, Pastor Peters said they complied due to the short notice, “punting” for the time being so they can review options to see to see what degree they will comply for their next gathering.

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