Gospel Coalition Writer Calls out Todd Friel for Bashing TGC, Calls him to Repent for Being ‘Divisive’

Justin Taylor, one of The Gospel Coalition’s (TGC) long time writers and members has come out swinging against the venerable Todd Friel, accusing him of bearing false witness, being divisive, and declaring he ought to marked and avoided.

The substance of this tweet betrays a guilty conscience, however. Todd Friel will certainly name names but has generally resisted painting whole organizations in the way that has been charged. Therefore we ask: where is the evidence that Friel has done this?

The more likely thing is that Friel has come out against organizations that have caved to Marxism (Gramscian Marxism is an obscure, rarely used term. Taylor is being petty for using it.) and then TGC read themselves into the comments and have out swinging, without having the courage to tag Friel in the post.

In this way, TGC is being “divisive” with their accusations. If they say they are not, then put up or shut up. Show us the quotes and screenshots of what Friel has done to warrant the label from such a prominent organization.

Of course, even if Friel did say this, there are more than enough witnesses to satisfy the biblical charge of the notion that these organizations are doing these very things, guilty conscience or not.

In fact, our entire website here at Protestia, and formerly at Pulpit and Pen have shown this to be true. Go to pulpitandpen.org and type “the gospel coalition” into the search bar and you’ll see at least a hundred eager and ready witnesses eager to testify to Todd’s claims.

Yet TGC has a near-pathological aversion to engaging their critics, frequently posting without allowing people to comment on their content and rarely if ever deigning to respond to tweets asking clarifying comments or questions about content they post. The fact that they have responded to a critic is a miracle indeed.

Rather, the authors have a nasty habit of saying something shocking, like calling Kyle Rittenhouse a mass shooter and comparing him to Dylan Roof, and then never answering any followup questions to those who want to know more or get clarity on what he means and why he would say this. Or how about all the TGC authors trying to convince evangelicals it’s ok to vote for pro-abortion candidates like Tim Keller has done recently and repeatedly?

If Taylor and his fellow Gospel Coalitionites want to do more than play the #BigEva version of “the knockout game,” that would be great.

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6 thoughts on “Gospel Coalition Writer Calls out Todd Friel for Bashing TGC, Calls him to Repent for Being ‘Divisive’

  1. Todd Friel is the man! We need more men like him in the church who will fight the good fight. As Todd is wont to say, “Go serve your king!”

    1. I agree completely with you on this Lester.
      The Gospel Coalition is made up of egotistical big monied liberal pukes. What a joke these left wing frauds are.

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