Steven Anderson’s Covert YouTube Presence Decimated after New Round of Deletions and Bans

Two months ago, controversial Arizona pastor Steven Anderson, the firebrand KJV-Onlyist from Faithful word Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ, was permanently banned from YouTube, having his entire operation shut down accross multiple accounts. Not only did he lose years of content, but he reported he was prohibited from accessing, possessing, or creating any other YouTube accounts.

Anderson has the dubious distinction of being banned from 34 countries, including every English-speaking developed country. You don’t get to say things like “If I had a button right here on this pulpit, I could just push this button and every fag would just fall over dead. I would push it until it breaks,” without raising a few eyebrows.

Prior to being “burninated,” Anderson’s YouTube pages had uploaded nearly 7000 videos, which were watched by more than 135,000 subscribers, and resulting in over 100 million views.

At the time we reached out to him and asked what his intentions were, and he said:

My staff and I will start approximately 10 new YouTube channels in the next couple of days, each using unique phone numbers and email addresses. None of them will contain the words “faithful word Baptist church” or “Steven Anderson” in their names, and we will re-upload all the videos to those channels according to topic.

I have most of them backed up, but lots of other people have them backed up as well. People are uploading scores of my videos to YouTube per day and will continue to do so. I also am personally going to be uploading hundreds of videos to YouTube over the next few weeks.”

Anderson was successful for a while and made good on his promise. Since July he had his staff and followers post them on smaller channels, none including his name, but usually something nondescript to the effect of “Baptist preacher preaches hard against feminism” or “Not Broadcasting People’s Sins.”

His team created and launched channels such as JTankentaur 2000, I Baptist, The Son of Uri, Daily Baptist, Jonah 3:2, Servis Flame Zone, Baptist Burner, and Preserving the Word, along with likely a dozen others which have yet to be discovered – a testament to the dedication he and his followers have in spreading his influence and preaching.

This naturally attracted the attention of “The Friendly Unfriendly Atheist” who made a spreadsheet to track Andeson’s progress and spread, cataloging as many of his moves as possible.

Once all this information was gathered, the Atheist handed it over to YouTube who brought down the hammer of injustice and promptly banned all the new accounts that had been discovered.

The Atheist is also coming after the companies that handle Anderson’s online payment systems for donations to his website, seeking to have them drop Anderson on the charge of being a hate group, and no longer process his payments.

Anderson, though highly peeved and annoyed, is undeterred. In comments given exclusively to Protestia, he declared:

Every time our church creates a new account, it gets deleted within a few weeks. There are so many other channels mirroring my preaching [though] that they’ll never be able to get rid of it all. We plan to keep creating new accounts, every week if necessary. Every time they kill us, we simply respawn.

[As far as payments go] We have already had literally eight companies cancel us, many whom specialize in church donations. Apparently one viewpoint is allowed in America today, and it isn’t the biblical point of view.

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13 thoughts on “Steven Anderson’s Covert YouTube Presence Decimated after New Round of Deletions and Bans

  1. It is good to see an Atheist working hard to be sure that the censorship is complete, no matter how fallible the content may be…

  2. It’s religious discrimination and of the exact type that the law must be enforced against if there is any discrimination laws at all, and google is a public company. It is also a huge anti-trust level violation of user agreements and contracts, as these companies continually abuse contractual relationship to get user generated content at scale for free, for monopoly power, while cheating those owners of their ip by fraudulent misrepresentations now and in the past of what service they were providing, and it is of course a complete shame of the communications decency act to want protections there while obviously not being a non-discriminatory, communication carrying, public platform or even using the CDA like special benefits (google has no right to scoop up anyone’s ip by web robots without permission first), to reach monopoly power and then changing rules. In the old days, the government would have kicked them off from upstream pipes for gross public discrimination against federal rules, as the government created the internet (and ultimately, this is going to lead to something the government created, whether a square or public highway, can not be later used, even if sold off to private companies, as a way to discriminate against people who helped pay for its creation — build your own international network).

    It’s a spiritual battle. Prayer comes first. And victory comes from God. But do not neglect a fair and just government, and laws that apply to all people rightly, and not are not applied to some and not others for secret political rule – that is dictatorship not law. The companies ought to be brought into account for violations of both criminal law and civil violations, and for more things then mentioned here (the secret agreement by a few tech companies in 2016 to censor competitors news sources as ”fake” news was completely illegal). This things should have been fixed a long time ago, or even four years ago as people saw it coming. because you do not jump off a temple just because satan says ‘but God will protect you’. but if you can do something about it you do. And there are people out there that can do something about this, but so far haven’t, and probably for very much like satan suggests – it’s not your business, God will protect you – jump off the ledge!

    For a country founded on a church lawn by a church that defended themselves, none of our founders would have thought so. It’s your country, so yes, it’s our business – if God gave you the power to do something, do it. Don’t endlessly listen to warnings about what is happening, and having the capacity to do something because God gave you the capability to do it, not.

  3. PS – I’d have edited some typos in the previous comment, but the current format makes it hard to do so.

    Also, I’m guessing google got all of Steven Anderson’s speak like a Greek while learning the Bible course. They’re just against every sort of learning.
    1138: Δαβίδ is pronounced david.

  4. The wicked shall be turn into hell and those that forget God. this atheist is one of those people who will be turned into hell.

  5. It is amazing to me how annoyed some atheists get toward Christians. It’s like they make it their life’s ambition to come after us. It’s really pathetic and sad. “The fool says in his heart, “There is no God” (Psalm 14:1).

  6. While I agree that censorship is wrong and certainly out of control on YouTube and other social media sites; I am not too broke up about Steven Anderson being banned from YouTube. Nor would I come to his defense. Not because of his anti-homosexual rants, but because he is a false teacher disguising himself as a Christian. I do not say this lightly. I have listened to and watched scores of his sermons and videos, read everything of his I could find, and even communicated directly with him and asked him some pointed questions. Steven Anderson does not know who God is. He began by believing and teaching Modalism, which he taught for years. Then, he changed his beliefs and began teaching a form of Tritheism. I have documented evidence of this. While he claims to believe in the Trinity, and he does preach God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit; he said the exact same thing when he was a Modalist. It is the way he defines the Trinty that is unbiblical. According to Steven Anderson, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit each have their own individual separate bodies. He says God the Father and God the Holy Spirit each have their own individual separate spirits. He says God the Son has seven spirits. He says each member of the Trinity has their own individual will, and their own individual seat of consciousness. He says that each member of the Trinity looks identical to one another. Anderson goes on to say that Jesus Christ has, for all eternity, been a man. While this view of God is not classic Tritheism, it is clearly a form of it, and it is equally clear that his view is not biblical Trinitarianism. All of his other bizarre and unbiblical teachings aside, Steven Anderson’s view of God is heretical and places him outside of biblical Christianity. The man is not a Christian. He just passes himself off as one.

  7. I have read the bible a few times and I totally missed the part where it says to kill homosexuals. I think It says pretty much the exact opposite. Which version he using? I gotta see it. But if I went on the internet saying I was going to commit murder, I would expect repercussions and that is exactly what that man got. He deserves what he got, because he asked for it. Don’t be an idiot and expect bad things not to happen….

  8. The true enemy of God is this hateful man. God sent his son Jesus for all mankind. I was a sinner until I met Jesus. We are to love our enemy and turn the cheek.

  9. As much as I hate the whole censorship thing, the KJV only crowd is not exactly what I would call helpful. Naturally of course these highly intellectual people don’t mean the original KJV that no one can read, just the updated updated KJV that we all can read. I recall being in London with all the lost souls who needed reaching hanging out at Trafalgar Square and here comes a bunch of christian knickers in a knot types carrying a sign that says KJV Only. Yep, just like Jesus said, Thou shalt only readeth My Word in 16th century Anglish. This and this only shall thy cast thine eyes upon. Naturally He said that in Hebrew….

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