Florida Priest Bites Woman Who Tried to Take The Communion ‘Cookie’ from Him

A Florida woman has accused a priest of biting her arm at a church service last week, during a dispute over whether she was allowed to partake in the communion, According to NBC News:

The woman attended a 10 a.m. service at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in St. Cloud on Sunday and tried to take Communion, the Diocese of Orlando said.

She had a brief discussion with the Rev. Fidel Rodriguez, who told her she hadn’t taken the proper steps to secure Communion and sent her away with a blessing, the diocese said in a statement.

The woman returned for a service two hours later and again tried to take Communion, and when Rodriguez asked her whether she had performed the prerequisite of Confession required by the Catholic Church to receive the Eucharist, she told him “it was not his business,” according to the diocese.

They further claim “At that point, the woman forcefully placed her hand in the vessel and grabbed some sacred Communion hosts, crushing them.” After she refused to let go, following a tussle, the priest “bit her hand so she would let go of the hosts she grabbed.”

Roman Catholics believe in transubstantiation, which is the belief the blood and wine literally turn into the actual, no-difference, flesh and blood of Jesus, and therefore would view this assault on the host as no different than grabbing and crushing the literal person of Jesus. 

The woman in question disputes this account, saying that after the priest refused to give the communion “cookie” to her, she challenged him on why, and he “forcefully” stuffed the wafer into her mouth and then bit her. 

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