Southern Baptist Launch Petition Over NAMB Lying In Court

(Evangelical Dark Web) The Southern Baptist Convention is embattled in several lawsuits. One of which involves Will McRaney who is suing the North American Mission Board over their interference in the Maryland Delaware Baptist Association to get him removed. The lawsuit has been going on for many years as McRainey was in a battle to be granted standing whereby the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission wrote an amicus brief asserting that the Southern Baptist Convention is a hierarchy. This strategy, though egregiously incorrect and so far unsuccessful, has been a major issue for Southern Baptists in cases outside of McRainey’s.

The petition calls out the entities for their arguments and contains the receipts from their 5th Circuit records. Though the petition does not have many signatories, enough movers and shakers signing it would bring more attention to the issue ahead of the 2024 Annual Southern Baptist Convention.

NAMB claims it can say and do what it wants regarding churches, associations, conventions, ministers, etc., with whom it partners, because by partnering with NAMB they have implied consent to NAMB’s governance and must submit to NAMB’s governance. NAMB’s defense includes the right to defame, slander, libel, and interfere in ways that threaten the employment of individuals, without… to continue reading, click here:

This article was written by Ray Fava and published at the Evangelical Dark Web

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3 thoughts on “Southern Baptist Launch Petition Over NAMB Lying In Court

  1. EDW has no more credibility. They deleted several posts of mine, which challenged Anthony’s latest racist article, titled “Jon Harris and “The Inescapability of Identity Politics”

    After deleting the initial posts, they deleted a second round of posts which broke everything down, some of which contained nothing but quoted scripture, such as one that quoted 1 Pet. 2:9-10, with the only elaboration being that as born again believers we are all one race.

    The conflation of the Biblical definition of race with skin color, was also pointed out in those posts. Making the point that the meaning of the word “race” as used in translations of the Bible refers to lineage and ethnicity. And that then, by the Bible’s definition, whites are not a single race.

    It was also pointed out, then based on that proper Biblical definition, the fact that this country was not founded by a single race. Crispus Attucks was black. John Hanson was the grandson of a slave, and a “Moor”, therefore even though he had light skin, he was not the same race as other founders.

    Last week, on an article about Andrew Torba, EDW linked to a video posted by a user at Gab who had several posts praising adolf hitler and nazis.

    In a later part of the article, Anthony essentially argues that there is a hierarchy of races, and shares the notion that some must be subjugated in order for others to have liberty. Which if condemning it, then, is to condemn liberty. If advocating for it, is to promote the sin of partiality, and racism.

    Yet we are called to liberty. The word is mentioned in the NT more than two dozen times. It is limited, as all rights endowed by our Creator are also limited by our Creator. And of course, the limit is that which He has defined as sin.

    Ray and Anthony are apparently of the notion that the problems in this country can be solved if whites stand up and start fighting for whites, being focused more on politics than scripture. Such a notion is entirely unbliblical, and antithetical to scripture. There is to be no division, feuding, or competition for superiority between races, particularly among believers. God does not want us starting a flipping race war. And scripture is clear on that. There are certain groups we are supposed to avoid and separate from, where sin is involved, but divisions by skin color or race are not one of them.

    As you question the associations of others, like Voddie Bauchum attending a conference with a Mormon, I question your associations as well.

    One click from this article above takes you to a bunch of unbiblical racist mess.
    Two clicks further takes you to posts over at Gab praising adolf hitler.

    So you need to direct some discernment to some other self-professed discerners.

    Here’s evidence I’m telling the truth, a snapshot made before they deleted the final post …

    A final post asking for them to tell me what sins I apparently committed that warranted being censored. Of course they deleted that post also, because I didn’t post anything sinful. And that included posts that contained little more than scripture – essentially deleting the scripture itself, when that scripture conflicted with arguments mad in their article.

    Since deceit and dishonesty are the subject of the article here, this is as good a place to post this as any …

    And since the troll has posted several times since the deal to mutually quit posting, I consider that agreement to be null and void. But given the fact that I know the troll will immediately start posting using this screen name again, subsequent posts by “tekton” at least for the time being, will not be from me.

  2. As of the morning of Tuesday, May 14th, this petition has garnered 172 signatures in less than a week. More people will sign the document in the coming days. Although the article states there are not many signatories, I do not view this early response rate as insignificant.

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