With New Measure, The United Methodist Church Deathrattles Itself Into Damning Decisions

The United Methodist continues its slow slide into oblivion and irrelevancy, and a new measure from the UMC’s General Conference will only speed up and exacerbate their doom. 

On Thursday, delegates at the plenary session of their conference voted 586-164 in favor of an amendment to allow the church to regionalize so that different UMC regions across the globe would be able to implement their own standards for acceptance of homosexuals practices and women’s ordination. 

The denomination is splintered worldwide, with deep rifts between the United States and Africa, the latter which is far more conservative than their American counterparts.

Despite the UMC Book of Discipline prohibiting the ordination of non-celibate gay priests and blessing same-sex marriages, the American churches have been defying the precepts, much to the dismay and contempt of African churches who have been strenuously pushing back against queer and trans radicals working on dragging their concretions into hell. 

Progressives seeking a “yes” vote believe that if each region is allowed to set its own standards and have its own region-specific ‘Book of Discipline,’ it will nullify the influence of conservative delegates, freeing the western factions to give themselves entirely over to degeneracy and sexual hedonism away from the ‘tut-tutting’ of its detractors.

Earlier this year, the UMC proposed its smallest budget in 40 years, the result of a mass exodus of churches from the demonic denomination following their decision to become LGBTQ-affirming.

The United Methodist Church in the United States has lost one-fourth of its churches in the last four years over their acceptance of same-sex marriage, in what has become the most significant denominational divide in the country in the previous 150 years. According to United Methodist News, 7660 congregations have disaffiliated from the demented denomination, including 5642 this year alone.

According to United Methodist News, “To be ratified, the amendment also will need at least a two-thirds total vote of annual conference lay and clergy voters.”

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  1. They need to scrap their faux worship of Christ and just do the social justice thing as it’s obviously where their hearts are…

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