Pastor Who Holds Guinness World Record for Longest Tenure At One Church Has Died

A pastor who received a Guinness World Record for the longest tenure at one church has died, with the late Dr. Doris Nathaniel Benford Sr, who spent more than 73 years at the same church, Rising Star Missionary Baptist, passing away at 94. His church announced:

According to his Guinness Bio:

In 1947, Rev. D.N. Benford was visiting a friend named Rev. FM Johnson in Texas City, Texas. Rev. Johnson was scheduled to preach at Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church (as a guest pastor), but he was sick. Rev. Johnson asked Rev. Benford if he would preach in his place. After Rev. Benford preached, Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church was pleased and told Rev. Benford that if they ever needed a pastor, they would contact him because they were impressed by his teaching/preaching.

By 1950, Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church was searching for a pastor for their church. They searched for Rev. Benford, Sr., and when they found him, they asked if he would come and preach for Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church again, and he did that on the 3rd Sunday in June of 1950. On August 27, 1950, they reached out to Rev. Benford again, and this time, the membership voted him as the new pastor of Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church of Texas City, Texas.

Bedford preached from 1950 to 2024, delivering a message a week before he passed away.

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