Breaking: Founder of ‘Orange Conference,’ The ‘biggest family ministry conference in the world’ Resigns After Confessing Adultery with CEO

Reggie Joiner, the founder of the Orange Conference, the biggest family ministry conference in the world geared towards kids ministers, youth ministry, and “next-gen ministry leaders,” has resigned from his role at Orange after confessing he’s been having an affair with another leader. 

That other leader is CEO Kristen Ivy, the president and CEO of Orange, who has also resigned.

Reggie has a wife and four adult children and Kristen has a husband and three young children.

The revelation came just days before their major conference, which will feature Eugene Kim, Rich Villodas, John Onwenchuck, Jon Acuff, and Danielle Strickland.

h.t Jonathan Merritt

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10 thoughts on “Breaking: Founder of ‘Orange Conference,’ The ‘biggest family ministry conference in the world’ Resigns After Confessing Adultery with CEO

  1. I believe this is the first article that I’ve read from your publication. I’m disappointed that the facts in the authors article were not fact checked before being published. Reggie’s children are grown adults not four young children. I’m in no way speaking in defense of the orange leadership but I am speaking up for integrity in journalism. Makes me wonder if other articles weee also rushed to publication. Disappointing

    1. To be honest, I think most readers of Protestia are simply looking for “up to minute news” regarding the theological cesspool within the American church and its celebrity pastors. Journalistic accuracy regarding the ages of the children of a cesspool leader is not a concern. This website is read by concerned Christians getting updates from a Christian discernment ministry that keeps their ear to the ground on the broader “Christian” community. Reggie Joiner and the whole Orange movement is garbage, so seeing that he and a another Orange leader had an affair is breaking news that is sad but not surprising, yet it has a silver lining – a high profile producer of theological trash and unbiblical ministry has been dethroned.

  2. It is wicked, for sure, but the churches allow adultery on an epidemic scale through divorce and remarriage. This goes on and on without shame or repentance. They are just taking turns with each other’s spouses this way. A story about ministers caught in adultery may get attention, but it is the divorce and remarriage which is a far greater problem.

  3. When I was about 10 I went to a SB church and the Deacon was having an adulterous affair with another Deacons 18 year old daughter. The Pastor, who was my cousin did nothing about it.

    I wasn’t saved but I still knew that was messed up

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