Prominent Church Launches Copyright Strike Against Apologist for Video Critical of Benny Hinn

A prominent apologist is crying foul after a ministry associated with Benny Hinn claims a copyright strike against him, unjustly targeting him on account of a video critical of the famed arch-heretic.

Jesus Image ministry is led by Jessica and Michael Koulianos, Benny Hinn’s daughter and son-in-law. Primarily based around a church by the same name from St Mary, Florida, they’ve consistently hosted a series of conferences, such as the upcoming Jesus 24 conference, where men like Benny Hinn will preach alongside Bethel’s Bill Johnson, Christine Caine, and Francis Chan.

After Winger released a four-hour-long blistering critique of Hinn, replete with multiple videos and commentary demonstrating that the money-grubbin’ heretic is a two-fold son of hell (Our description, not his), the video was struck by Jesus Image, removing monetization despite being the definition of fair use.

He continues:

It’s not the first time Winger has had to deal with copyright claims from bad actors, noting in an X comment:

“I made the mistake in the past of allowing Joel Osteen to make a copyright claim on a video and collect ad revenue. His ministry collected the ad revenue for 7 months (again, I didn’t care, nor did I even make it public) and then suddenly they used that same copyright claim to have my video removed from the internet. This is the issue I’m worried about now.

I will fight the claim because it can be used, at any point they choose, to silence my critique. I want to protect the content.

We’ve reached out to Jesus Image and will update this article accordingly.

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3 thoughts on “Prominent Church Launches Copyright Strike Against Apologist for Video Critical of Benny Hinn

  1. Thanks for posting this story. It seems to be a habit with some of the false teachers. It is totally dishonest. Years ago, a YouTuber filed a lawsuit against Google for not re-instating his video critical of Creflo Dollar. Google took down his channel, but it was later re-instated, and the suit was dropped. Paula White filed a lawsuit against a YouTuber for videos critical of her for millions of dollars. Paula dropped the suit and the YouTuber than sued Paula for malicious prosecution and won!

  2. I hope he wins. Unfortunately, with copyright law and fair use, there are simply a number of general principles which define what is legal and what is not. If you want to know for certain if something is within the law, you just lawyer up and go to court and a judge decides.

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