Jordan Peterson’s Wife Became a Roman Catholic on Easter, Credits Rosary for Healing Her of Rare Cancer

(CNA) Tammy Peterson — wife of psychologist and author Dr. Jordan Peterson — plans to enter the Catholic Church this Easter. (Editor’s note. She did, becoming a member at Holy Rosary Church in Toronto) In an interview with “EWTN News In Depth,” she shared about the powerful role the rosary has played in her faith journey and in her physical healing from cancer. 

Peterson, who has a YouTube podcast called “The Tammy Peterson Podcast” with almost 60,000 subscribers, was diagnosed in 2019 with a rare form of kidney cancer — a Bellini tumor. She was told she had 10 months to live. 

“We went into [the doctor’s] office and he started handing me papers to sign, and his hands were shaking,” she recalled. “And I thought, this isn’t good news…He said, a Bellini tumor, they are very rare and they grow so fast that the only way they’re diagnosed is after someone passes away,” she continued.

But a lot can happen in 10 months. 

When asked about her experience of prayer after her diagnosis, Peterson explained that a friend of hers, Queenie Yu, came to visit her in the hospital. “She showed up and she had two rosaries that were blessed by the pope,” Peterson recalled.

Yu invited Peterson to pray with her and helped teach her the rosary. The visits were a mix of Peterson sharing prayer intentions for those in her family and Queenie teaching her about the mysteries of the rosary and praying with her…. to continue reading, click here.

This article was written by Kate Quinones and published at Catholic News Agency

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1 thought on “Jordan Peterson’s Wife Became a Roman Catholic on Easter, Credits Rosary for Healing Her of Rare Cancer

  1. so jordan peterson.s intense study of scripture has culminated in………..his wife joining the roman Catholic church . guess Peterson skipped those verses warning about tammuz and semiramis.

    or, does this tell us something about about the truthfulness of his biblical claims……

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