CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) Fires Two Staffers For Opposing Org’s LGBTQ Drift, Theology

(Not the Bee) CRU, which used to be Campus Crusade for Christ has been on a liberal drift for quite some time. Like seemingly all Christian ministries, the spirit of the age with LGBTQ issues seems to be more than the organization could stand.

And now, if you don’t agree with this Christian organization’s positions on rainbow issues then you’re going to have a tough time.

“One of the nation’s largest campus ministries has dismissed two longtime…. to continue reading click here.

This article was written by John Knox and published at Not the Bee

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1 thought on “CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) Fires Two Staffers For Opposing Org’s LGBTQ Drift, Theology

  1. We savvy Evangelical Classies are ready for these little bums kids who have no Understanding of Scripture or God so we can cause them to schismaticise to Woke Churches they will for perfectly and we will make them cry. One of our Pastors packs a big handgun and he is the first one they will see as real false flag terrorists enter his small building. He’s ready and he is a straight shooter in All Things Concerning The Truth. The rest of the Congregation packs some wallop too both men and women. We will pray for you if you live but not after Catholic a minders since Purgatory is a Romish Fiction. Sola Reformunda 🕊️ ⚔️

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